Monday, October 26, 2015

Staying In Casper, Wyoming...

October 26, 2015

Hey there good morning! I'm so excited I get to witness my first two baptisms! I might get to baptize the one on November 28th because as of right now she hasn't said who she wanted to baptize her! Elder Norton and I are both staying here in Casper.  We have been companions for 3 transfers! So by the end of this transfer we will be together for 4 and a half months! So I will be here for Thanksgiving and we might already have a family already willing to feed us! My week was pretty good nothing too exciting happened but next week I will have my first baptism! The families that we visited are doing alright haha my companion got pranked on by some members that just moved up to Casper it was funny because they called him and he didn't know who they were and they just kept messing with him for an hour and finally told them their names! We visited them on Friday and they are really cool! Lol So one of my best friends in the mission is Elder Blue and he is coming up to Casper and he iMessaged me saying we are going to have fun! He said that he is going to my homecoming talk when I go home and I might give him some stuff to take home to you guys because he lives in Arizona and he offered!  I don't have any new pics I'll try to get some this week! It is crazy how much Queen Creek has grown! I'm looking forward to Buffalo Wild Wings! We actually went there this past week as some members took us there!  I bought a bike for $80 from another missionary so I took money out of my personal card I might sell it to another missionary who is being trained.  We will see!  Well take care love you!

Elder Logan NeVille

Friday, October 23, 2015

Leaving or Staying in Casper...

October 19, 2015

Hi my week was good! On Saturday, we went over to a part members family house and watched a little bit of college football! We had interviews on Thursday with our mission President best interview I have ever had with him! I told him about the two baptisms I have coming up and that it will be my first ones! He told me that he will try to keep me in Casper so I can go to the baptisms! So Terri Derby is doing good she has been to church twice and she loves it and is still scheduled for November 7th and the other investigator was sick and didn't go to church but is still scheduled for November 28th! We visited the guy who's wife left and he is still struggling he has 3 daughters and two of them stayed with him and apparently the wife is trying to bribe the youngest daughter to live with her! That family is just falling apart and the husband just is trying to support his two kids! So the person who sent this the pic is the part member family and her name is Sister Dillion and a crazy thing I found out that Haley Edwards served in that ward! She served in the South Dakota mission and she served in Casper in her first area but the mission change in May and now is in the Fort Collins mission! This Saturday we find out if we are leaving or if we are staying! 
So I don't know if I will go home 3 weeks early yet or not just found out that if i do President might make me pay for my plane ticket so I'll see probably talk to him when I have like 4 months left! Well take care and love you!


Maybe A Couple Baptisms In November...

October 12, 2015

Hey there!  My week was good! We put another person on date for baptism on the 28th of November so I have 2 baptisms! The one we put on date for November 7th is awesome she already asked us if her son in law could baptize her and she went to Church yesterday.  She is awesome! Her name is Sister Derby, and the other person we put on date was Tanisha Yellowbear!  Lol We go when we have the car and don't have a dinner.  We only have two families signed up this week for dinners! I like our new place we finally got some furniture! This week we are visiting Terri Derby and the Yellowbears again, we also be visiting the Baileys and we got a new investigator yesterday who we are visiting tomorrow! We are also having interviews with the mission President on Thursday. Sorry I don't have any new pictures! We'll take care love you!


Friday, October 9, 2015

Christ and His Gospel...

October 5, 2015

Hey morning! My week was great!  How was yours?  On Friday, my companion and I, taught the first lesson to a lady and after we finished I asked her if she would like to get baptized and she said yes!  She is getting baptized on November 7th! This is my first baptism!  I just hope I don't get transferred and that I'm able to witness her getting baptized.  We have transfers on the 27th and it would be awesome to see my first baptism but if not I still have a baptism! This week we are going to teach the investigator the second lesson and we are going to talk to a former investigator who had a date for baptism before and see if we can finalize a baptism date for her as well!

We watched general conference at a members house on Sunday.  She is a really cool member!

Hot chocolate would have been perfect as it's cold here! It's 42 outside right now! Yesterday the high was 52!

Well glad you guys are doing good!  Take care!

Elder NeVille

Friday, October 2, 2015

Enjoy Reading the Book of Mormon...

These are my friends! This was taken after zone meeting!

September 28, 2015

Hey there!  My week was pretty good it was a lot better than last week! We have 2 new investigators and one potential! We visited this part member family who was in a different ward and the missionaries in that ward actually put the wife on date for baptism but she moved into our ward so we might get a baptism! We are going to start meeting with her on Fridays! She wasn't there though this past Friday so hopefully she will be home next week so we can set her up for baptism!

I have learned a lot from being out on a mission, I have made a lot of friends, trying to work as hard as I can! I'm not the best missionary, don't have any baptisms but I learned to actually enjoy reading the Book of Mormon, I have read it about 13 times in the 1st year I've been out and my testimony has grown a lot! Ha I'm trying to be the best example I can be! The mission is not what I
would have expected I always thought I was going to get an uptight companion but not once have I had one I served around some and they drove me crazy but it's been good here in Casper but I do wish I could go back to Colorado though!

We don't have too much going on this week have a few appointments with the 2 investigators and 1 with a recent convert! The recent convert wants us to visit her every Friday because she use to drink alcohol and she doesn't want to fall into temptation and Fridays are the hardest for her so she wants us to stop by on those days! Lol I have at least 4 more weeks left in Casper!

So lately I have been thinking about going to BYU Idaho for school probably a few months or so after I get back!

Love you! Take care!