Friday, January 15, 2016

Exchanges, Basketball, & Going to Fly High...Fun!

Took this on exchanges!
These are the cool sisters at Fly High!

January 4, 2016

My week was alright.  My birthday was kind of lame! But the highlight of my night was when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I used the gift cards and we invited another set of missionaries to come with us.  We had to be home by 6pm because it was New Years Eve but we ended up going home at 8pm because we had nothing to do! Today we are going to Fly High and just got done playing basketball! We don't have anything really going on this week but we are going on exchanges with another missionary on Thursday so we will be temporary comps till Friday and I'm excited because it will be fun! It's been like in the high 20s.   Yeah it's actually been colder than Casper which is really crazy!

Elder NeVille

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