Friday, October 31, 2014

Sharing his testimony...

I heard about the Eagles and Cardinals game!  I can’t believe Eagles blew it! I heard they were up by like 3 points then the quarterback threw a 75 yard td pass. It sounded like a really good game though I heard with 1 second left in the game they threw the ball in the touchdown and I heard he caught it but was out of bounds!

Right now the weather is perfect, it’s about 65 degrees right now.  It was 80 degrees yesterday and my companion was complaining how hot it was and I thought it was nice considering Arizona can go up to 120!  I do love the bike it is a lot better than the tall bike where I could barely reach the pedals so I love it! LOL

I don't know how it works for Christmas on calling you guys. My companion doesn't know either as he came out in March.

I gave a talk yesterday in Church! I got asked to speak on Thursday and he just told me I had to talk for about 5 - 7 minutes just to share my testimony and some stories as he told me I didn't have a topic! It went good a lot of people came up to me saying they enjoyed my testimony! I tried to take a picture of me pointing at the program but my camera died so I don't have batteries right now but hopefully I will find some this week!

Wednesday my companion and I went on exchanges for dinner so I was with Elder Sharp and we walked to a pizza place called Arties it is really good!  As we were walking a man in his car called us over and said if we ever need a dinner to give him a call, he said he wasn’t a member but his nephews served missions and he said that he respects us for knocking on doors and getting them slammed in our face! LOL So we possibly might have found someone to teach! My companion and I visited Jack, the Vietnam Veteran, on Friday! He is doing better but his wife isn’t.  He talked to us for about 3 hours, my companion and I are getting frustrated because we haven’t been able to get a lesson in with him and we’re trying to figure out how to do that! Ha ha! We did invite him to Church though and he said thank you but he can’t because he has to stay home and watch his wife because he has to be there in case she falls! We walked 6 miles on Friday, my companion and I almost had did 8 but we asked for a ride home from a member that we had dinner with! Saturday was tough these people in our ward are moving today and we spent 5 hours putting and moving heavy objects in their pickup truck. My arms were dead the next day! LOL

Well I hope you guys are doing well!  Today is my companion’s birthday he just turned 19! Love you guys I will find out more about Christmas!

Elder NeVille   

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two month mark!

Today is my two month mark! I can't believe that I've already been out for two months! :)  Today we are going to play basketball then go to dinner right after with our favorite family they love us over there. This week has been good nothing crazy really happened this week, I will most likely stay in Loveland for one more transfer my companion said that your first area is normally three transfers! I do have the same companion! The people we are staying with are really nice its the same members they have been housing missionaries for awhile now! I haven't seen any more mean people lately! The bike is great and I actually didn't take it to the bike shop I put it together with a little help from my companion  and its a lot better than the bike I had before so thank you so much I love it! I haven't had any accidents yet! It isn't that cold here yet as Friday was like in the low 40s and today is in the high 70s. 
Last week we helped someone move, we helped another person with their yard racking leaves and crab apples,  and helped out at a store called Habitat that is like a Good Will! We also helped a lady move her furniture!  No new investigators yet but we do have a few potentials we are going to try to visit.  The people we did service for last week weren't members and they said they will let us give them a message but we don't know their address yet.  We will get it from a member tonight who we are having dinner with. 
Last Monday night, two of the missionaries who are companions were fighting and just weren't getting a long so my companion and I went on exchanges with them (to help separate them for awhile) and one of the Elders that I was with was telling me how he has been struggling and how he hasn't felt the Spirit for a long time.  Well we were at dinner with members from his ward so he shared the message and it was about the importance of reading your scriptures and praying and I shared my experience after he shared the message and why it's important.  After we left the Elder came up to me and told me that that was awesome and it had been so long that he had felt the Spirit but that he felt it when we shared that message and it just made me so emotional as Heavenly Father answered his prayers and mine and we left dinner feeling the Spirit it was a great feeling!
Elder NeVille

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teaching by the Spirit...

So my picture I'm kind of squinting as the flash was on. :)
Today is supposed to be pretty busy as it is transfer day.  I am still staying in Loveland for at least another six weeks.  My companion and I didn’t go to Church yesterday because my companion tweaked his leg from wrestling with another missionary and wasn’t able to walk!
On Tuesday we did service for that lady that I was telling you about last week.  She moved and is not in our area anymore so we referred her to the other missionaries that are in her area. 
Thursday was an awesome day! We had our last district meeting for this transfer and the district leader asked if I could do the training!  It was my first training and it went great!  The training I gave was about how to be in tune with the Spirit and to teach people with the Spirit and not by memorizing the lessons.  The training had to be at least 15 minutes long and mine went on for 30 minutes!  After the district meeting (which was about an hour later) I received a text from the district leader and he said that I did an awesome job and that Elder Carter just demonstrated on how to listen to the Spirit and to pay attention to investigators and not to be thinking of what to say but to listen to them.  Anyways, my training helped this Elder and district leader find an investigator and they said that the investigator wanted to take more discussions!  Elder Carter has been out as long as me and its crazy how much of an impact my training was for him!  So I guess I am kind of changing people’s lives even though they aren’t in my area it is so awesome!
Love you guys!
Elder Logan NeVille

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Map? No GPS?

Hi sorry I don't have any photos but I'll try to take some pics this week. I got a haircut from a lady in our ward and she did an awesome job cutting my hair! This week was hard but good at the same time...
On Thursday my companion and I went on exchanges in the afternoon and he wanted me to visit people and I didn't really know how to get there as I didn't have a gps so me and my district leaders companion were companions for the day and we ended up getting lost. We were walking and this lady comes up to me and asked if we could do service for her tomorrow morning. She is not a member and I was just surprised that this lady found us, so she could possibly be an investigator! She told us that she prayed that someone would help her and next thing we were walking on the sidewalk in her neighborhood. The Lord put me there for a reason so I wonder if she would like to start taking the lessons. After talking to her we ended up finding the houses my companion wanted me to visit and it went ok.  I'm not really great at reading maps but I didn't have that many problems. 
Some people are really rude! I just got done telling Ammon that on Friday we got called "stupid Mormons" and a lot of people say "hail Satan" a lot to us.  Its crazy I know that my faith has definitely increased since I have been out serving a mission!
Yesterday was awesome as well this random person called us and asked if she could have a Book of Mormon and she isn't in our ward or anything so we might have 3 investigators! Jack our investigator wasn't feeling that great we went to his house on Friday, his wife was really sick and had nurses at his house so this was not a good week for him so we said we will call him this week if there is a day that we can visit. 
I haven't had any accidents yet and I haven't seen anymore snakes lately. LOL Thank you for the packages it will make biking easier with a backpack. I hate biking but it keeps me in shape I feel like I can eat whatever I want and not gain anything I weigh 163 still so its nice that keeps me in shape I don't want to be in a car! I think I'm going to need a new bike to be honest I'm using our members bike because my bike has a hole in the tire still haven't been able to go to the store last week because my companion and I did service last "P" day from 10am to 5pm. 
General Conference was good I fell asleep on a few talks, they did something new though they made a few speakers speak in their native tongue which I thought was pretty neat! On Saturday, the first session we watched at the Church, then we watched it at our members house. Sunday we watched Conference at a less active members house and watched all sessions there.
Today, I believe we are going to go shopping as we already did laundry, and then I think we are going to the stake center to play basketball or soccer.
My shoulders are good so far, I just worry when I go down hill that I will fall off and land on my shoulders. One of the Elders, 6 months ago, was in Cheyenne in the winter and fell off his bike the roads are suppose to be icy and I just hope I don't transfer to there and Laramie Wyoming as well.  I hope all is well and thankful for everything you guys do for me! Love you!
Elder NeVille

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Found a Snake! Hissssssss...

Happy Monday!  We found a snake on Thursday on the way to dinner, it bit my companion but it had no teeth!  I have only seen two snakes so far. I fell off my bike 3 times this week as I was riding my bike over the train tracks and I flipped off of it.  The train was starting to come but they saw me and were able to stop.  My tire got stuck in the gap and it wasn't fun as I had to pay $165 because my chain broke and the front part of my bike was bent so I had to get that fixed and now my bike has a hole in it so I have to buy a mesh kit sometime and fix it, I don't really like this bike! I also fell off yesterday going to dinner it was raining so hard my grip on my bike came off and I fell off again so this was kind of a tough week. Yeah, I hate this bike to be honest as the bike seat is a little high and won’t go down.  My companion said I probably need a kid’s bike! LOL And yes biking sucks but then it’s kind of nice because it keeps me in shape!  I am writing to you guys this early (6am) because we have to help someone move today at 10am and we don't know how long that will take so I am using the member’s computer. 

This week has been just a service week as we had about 16-20 hours of service and they said we are only suppose to do 4 but our members and this other ward needed our help a lot. The Vietnam vet is going okay I guess, he doesn't really let us talk that much so my companion and I made a goal to teach him a lesson sometime this week and just take control of the conversation! :) We were talking to a member at church and he said we should start teaching a lady he knows the lessons, we are going to ask bishop first because last time the missionaries taught her she said yes to being baptized and never was. She only said yes so people can take her to places so she was using the Church. Well last week has been interesting and hard hopefully this week will be better!

Here's a pic taken yesterday. I need a haircut and have an appointment tomorrow with a person in our ward. It'll be my first haircut since I've been on my mission. Lol ✂️

Love you and miss you guys!
Elder NeVille