Friday, October 31, 2014

Sharing his testimony...

I heard about the Eagles and Cardinals game!  I can’t believe Eagles blew it! I heard they were up by like 3 points then the quarterback threw a 75 yard td pass. It sounded like a really good game though I heard with 1 second left in the game they threw the ball in the touchdown and I heard he caught it but was out of bounds!

Right now the weather is perfect, it’s about 65 degrees right now.  It was 80 degrees yesterday and my companion was complaining how hot it was and I thought it was nice considering Arizona can go up to 120!  I do love the bike it is a lot better than the tall bike where I could barely reach the pedals so I love it! LOL

I don't know how it works for Christmas on calling you guys. My companion doesn't know either as he came out in March.

I gave a talk yesterday in Church! I got asked to speak on Thursday and he just told me I had to talk for about 5 - 7 minutes just to share my testimony and some stories as he told me I didn't have a topic! It went good a lot of people came up to me saying they enjoyed my testimony! I tried to take a picture of me pointing at the program but my camera died so I don't have batteries right now but hopefully I will find some this week!

Wednesday my companion and I went on exchanges for dinner so I was with Elder Sharp and we walked to a pizza place called Arties it is really good!  As we were walking a man in his car called us over and said if we ever need a dinner to give him a call, he said he wasn’t a member but his nephews served missions and he said that he respects us for knocking on doors and getting them slammed in our face! LOL So we possibly might have found someone to teach! My companion and I visited Jack, the Vietnam Veteran, on Friday! He is doing better but his wife isn’t.  He talked to us for about 3 hours, my companion and I are getting frustrated because we haven’t been able to get a lesson in with him and we’re trying to figure out how to do that! Ha ha! We did invite him to Church though and he said thank you but he can’t because he has to stay home and watch his wife because he has to be there in case she falls! We walked 6 miles on Friday, my companion and I almost had did 8 but we asked for a ride home from a member that we had dinner with! Saturday was tough these people in our ward are moving today and we spent 5 hours putting and moving heavy objects in their pickup truck. My arms were dead the next day! LOL

Well I hope you guys are doing well!  Today is my companion’s birthday he just turned 19! Love you guys I will find out more about Christmas!

Elder NeVille   

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