Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Missionaries riding in a Limo???

My Halloween was not fun at all as we had to be home at 6pm and my companion and I had a trainers meeting the same day from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm so it was a very boring day!

There are three wards here in Loveland.  They are Mariana Butte, Lakeside, and Longview, which is the ward I'm in and Mariana Butte has two sets of missionaries in that ward.

Loveland right now is beautiful! Its pouring right now and there is like a 40% chance that it will snow later today! I didn't have time to shop last week so I don't have pictures yet but I will try today to get batteries for my camera!

Thursday was probably the highlight of my week, we had a district meeting and after that my district and I rented a limo.  We all paid $10 each and it was so fun as we rode in it for two hours! For my companions birthday we went over to our favorite ward family's house and they made him a cake and gave him presents so we celebrated it their which was real nice.  Then we went to Wendy's with other missionaries and I didn't get my companion anything so I just bought him lunch! My Vitamins are good I have been taking them everyday! :) Would it be OK if you could order me a Eagles Beanie and gloves its starting to get chilly and I checked with my companion and he said Beanies are OK for us to wear so will that be OK? (Amazon it is!)

Thank you! I pray for you guys every day love you!
Elder NeVille

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