Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder NeVille! 21?!

It was awesome to be able to talk and Skype you guys it made me miss home even more!  Its crazy that I will be 21 I feel that the mission has changed me so much!  For New Year's Eve we have to be home by 7:30pm and then we are going to play games with the family that we are living with so that will be fun! It's going to be different not being able to spend my birthday with you guys!
 (So happy to be able to talk and see Logan...just really hard to say goodbye.)
  Christmas Dinner with the Ahlstroms Family.
The Ahlstroms are awesome people! We had Christmas dinner with them and they gave us a card and gave my companion and I $25 each for Christmas. They are so nice they are the ones who know the Graffs and I played football with Michael Graff in high school they are good friends with their family!
 Learning how to install insulation.
I was miserable this day my feet were freezing!  I miss the heat! LOL

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Elder Logan NeVille

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Just a few days tell Christmas...

(We got bunk beds and I get the top bunk! LOL)
This week was good we got a lot of work done! Saturday there was a baptism for a girl who was 8 and my companion and I were the witnesses to make sure that her whole body was wet! This was the investigators cousin who is 14 and ready to be baptized.  Our bishop is going to talk to her to schedule a day on when she would like to be baptized too! There is a girl named Kendra and she used to be an atheist and the previous missionaries taught her three lessons and want  to know more so we are going to try to visit her and maybe she will want to be baptized! I hope you are doing great! I cant wait to talk to you guys on Christmas I will probably get really emotional its not going to be easy not having Christmas with you guys I hope all is well I love you guys!
Elder NeVille

Friday, December 19, 2014

A week before Christmas...

I hope you all are doing great!  I'm enjoying Longmont and my companion is awesome!  He is 25 and will be 27 when he goes home! The family that we are staying with are super nice and their kid can talk a lot! lol  He would talk to us from 8pm to 11 pm but they are a very nice family. I was sick last week and it sucked and then my companion got sick.  Wednesday when I was sick we still got work done went over to the rec center and they had us help out next door with the seniors and helped clean up the tables and then we played games with them which was lot of fun. 
Hunter is a 14 year old girl and is ready to be baptized.  She reminds me a lot about you, mom!  We had dinner at her house because as of right now she is living with her aunt and uncle.  I guess when she was little her parents killed themselves.  Her aunt and uncle are members of our ward.  We have about five more nonmembers who have been attending our Church for awhile, which is awesome!  This one guy his name is Matt Guiterez and he has been attending our ward for two years but is not a member but his wife is.  So we are going to try and visit him on Sunday and if he wants to get baptized I could have the possibility of dunking him in the baptismal font! lol 
This area has been tough especially with all the suicides.  One of the teens was LDS and we went to the funeral.  It was so sad as his brothers and sisters talked and I lost it especially when his dad got up there. 
I heard Nate and Ammon both were hurt and I hope they feel better and I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!  Love you guys!
Elder NeVille

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Second week in Longmont...

This week has been pretty busy!  We did some more service.  We cleaned a guy's gutters on the roof and it was scary but fun! We also did service for the Rec Center in Longmont and they let us work out there for free!  So that is nice!  Since last week we have been going there and working out! This is going to surprise you but I found out that I like Coconut Shrimp the family who fed us didn't ask us if we like seafood and I didn't want to be rude so I ate it and it was pretty good! Lol  The only thing I didn't like was the shrimp noodles because it’s so crunchy so I took fast bites so  that I wouldn't taste it!  lol :)

This week has been better I know I told you that there was 3 teen suicides within 3 weeks and we found out yesterday that another teenager tried to kill herself the day my companion and I came to Longmont! So I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life and I know that I should be more focused on my mission and I am but ever since I came to Longmont hearing about the suicides it's made me think about wanting to become a Mental Health Counselor.  I know I still have a long ways to go but it’s kind of hard when I keep hearing about people killing themselves and the fact that I use to have depression. I think that would  make it easy for people if I can relate to what they are going through. So I'm not sure it might change but that's what I want to do as of right now but then again it might change! Lol  I hope you guys are doing great and I can’t wait to Skype and call you guys on Christmas you guys are always in my prayers!

(Ugh!  My heart hurts and it keeps getting harder to post but he is doing good things and I know this is what he needs to help him grow and that he is there for a reason.  We couldn’t be prouder of him...  But we sure do miss our Logan!)

Transferred to Longmont, Colorado…November 25, 2014

This week has been tough in this area as there has been 3 teen suicides in 3 weeks all of them went to the same high school and my companion and I are new to the area and the missionaries who served in this ward before us did not go to Church for two weeks because they got Et'd, which stands for emergency transferred.  So our dinner calendar has been empty this week but luckily our ward mission leader fed us on Wednesday night and so we had a family that we went to for Thanksgiving and they fed us good but it was really awkward! I was thankful we got a dinner though as our ward mission leader texted around and they said they would feed us so that was nice! The family we ate with was nice they were watching football so I got to watch a little bit of the Eagles and Cowboys game :)  The rest of the week we have been fending for ourselves.  My companion and I are very new to the area and we both got here the same day.  The members that we are staying with are out of town and we don’t know what their house rules are. Yikes!  It has been a tough week hopefully this week will go better! The area is way different than Loveland the members at my old house bought us food  but this house we have to buy our own!

Good news though! So there is this girl in our area who is 14 and wants to get baptized she has already had all the lessons taught to her and has been going to Church and lives with an LDS family so we are going to try to visit her and schedule a day that she would want to get baptized! This could be my very first baptism! And my companions first baptism as well!

The person who texted you last Wednesday night was actually my companions old member from last transfer and we helped her out Wednesday morning from 9 am to 4pm  and she asked us if she could take a picture of us and asked if we would like her to send it to our families so I gave her your number.  If President Brown found out that we did 8 hours of service we would have gotten chewed out for doing to much service its already happened to me  but if someone needs help were not going to tell them no so we did that for her and she had a lot of work that needed to be done!  My companion is 25 years old and has 2 semesters left at BYU and has been out for 4 and a half months so he’s a transfer ahead of me! My companion is suppose to be the driver but I'm the designated driver and he is senior companion. Lol He is the missionary wearing the shorts on the left and the missionary on the far right is awesome! He is from Samoa the Pacific Island! He is very funny and has learned how to speak English very well!