Thursday, December 11, 2014

Transferred to Longmont, Colorado…November 25, 2014

This week has been tough in this area as there has been 3 teen suicides in 3 weeks all of them went to the same high school and my companion and I are new to the area and the missionaries who served in this ward before us did not go to Church for two weeks because they got Et'd, which stands for emergency transferred.  So our dinner calendar has been empty this week but luckily our ward mission leader fed us on Wednesday night and so we had a family that we went to for Thanksgiving and they fed us good but it was really awkward! I was thankful we got a dinner though as our ward mission leader texted around and they said they would feed us so that was nice! The family we ate with was nice they were watching football so I got to watch a little bit of the Eagles and Cowboys game :)  The rest of the week we have been fending for ourselves.  My companion and I are very new to the area and we both got here the same day.  The members that we are staying with are out of town and we don’t know what their house rules are. Yikes!  It has been a tough week hopefully this week will go better! The area is way different than Loveland the members at my old house bought us food  but this house we have to buy our own!

Good news though! So there is this girl in our area who is 14 and wants to get baptized she has already had all the lessons taught to her and has been going to Church and lives with an LDS family so we are going to try to visit her and schedule a day that she would want to get baptized! This could be my very first baptism! And my companions first baptism as well!

The person who texted you last Wednesday night was actually my companions old member from last transfer and we helped her out Wednesday morning from 9 am to 4pm  and she asked us if she could take a picture of us and asked if we would like her to send it to our families so I gave her your number.  If President Brown found out that we did 8 hours of service we would have gotten chewed out for doing to much service its already happened to me  but if someone needs help were not going to tell them no so we did that for her and she had a lot of work that needed to be done!  My companion is 25 years old and has 2 semesters left at BYU and has been out for 4 and a half months so he’s a transfer ahead of me! My companion is suppose to be the driver but I'm the designated driver and he is senior companion. Lol He is the missionary wearing the shorts on the left and the missionary on the far right is awesome! He is from Samoa the Pacific Island! He is very funny and has learned how to speak English very well!

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