Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Elder Neville || Homecoming Video" by oliviaryanfilms...

August 3, 2016

Here is "Elder Neville || Homecoming Video" by oliviaryanfilms.

Monday, August 1, 2016

One Day Left As A Missionary...

August 1, 2016

Pic of my companion and I with Sister Galaz and we sanded her table! She makes really good Mexican food and Mexican dessert!

Can't believe I only have a day left well I will see you soon love you!

Elder NeVille

Friday, July 29, 2016

Denver Temple and "4" Days Left!!!

July 29, 2016 - Great day at the Denver Temple with a bunch of missionaries!

 4 days left!

Monday, July 25, 2016

8 Days Left...

8 days left...
July 25, 2016

Good morning! I'm really excited to see you all! I really can't wait my companion and I keep talking about it lol!

This past week we did mostly service.  My companion is a mechanic and so he fixed a lot of cars, fixed a motorcycle and a lawn mower!  I'm the tool guy as I just hand him the tools lol! We also had interviews last week and I love my new mission President he is awesome! Friday my companion and I get to go through the Denver Temple.  We have some service lined up and a couple of appointments and Sunday is officially our last day of doing missionary work as we go to the mission home next Monday!

So yep that is our week looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Take care!

Elder NeVille

Friday, July 22, 2016

A letter to his mom...Only 17 days left!

Finding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help us have the power to endure and overcome challenges in life ...

July 16, 2016

Hey mom! I don't know if you have seen this video it is my favorite video to watch!  I feel like you should watch it I don't know why I'm sending it to you I just feel that for some reason I just needed to send it to you! I just want you know that I'm happy that I decided to come out on the mission it really has been great for me and it really has changed me from the person who I am today. I want you to know that you have been such a great example to me and I'm really thankful for all you have done to support me through my trials. I hope that someday I can help you get through your trials. I just want you to know that God loves you and is proud of your example towards me and my brothers
and he knows that you go through struggles. I'm always struggling but just know God can help us get through anything and that we are never alone! I want you to know I pray for you guys all the time and I know that you guys are praying for me. I hope you are doing great and hope you enjoy the video!

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Love you mom!

***love this boy of mine***

Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfers and 3 weeks left...

July 9, 2016
So I just found out tonight that my last 3 weeks I will be getting transferred and they did transfers different so they just said I'm leaving but they didn't say who my new companion was or where I'm going so it looks like I'm living out of my suitcase next transfer! Lol

July 10, 2016
So I'm staying in Longmont and I will just be ward hopping and my companion goes home August 2nd too  AND also lives in Mesa so we might be on the same flight!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

I know I can't believe I'm almost done! My week was good!  We got to meet the new mission president!  We find out about transfers on Saturday!

Our ward did 4th of July Breakfast today and it was fun!

Hope all is good!  Love you!

Elder Logan NeVille

5 weeks left...

Hey look who came up to Longmont! The Bragues came up to at Church asking me about Jeremy and Patty's family so we got our picture taken. LOL

Helping move a family from our ward.

June 27, 2016

Hey there!  My week was alright! Been kind of busy this week!  We have been doing some service for some people! Mostly been doing yard work like mowing lawns and stuff! We gave a couple blessings this week for people who are really struggling but they are both doing better! We don't have a whole lot going on this week we have an appointment on Tuesday at 7 pm and in the morning we are doing a youth activity to try to get the youth excited for missionary work! We are also helping a family move Wednesday night and another family move Thursday afternoon! Lol

So on Saturday I will officially only have 30 days left!

So Friday we are moving out of our house so after that I will be living in my suit case because no need to unpack when I will have 4 weeks left!

Next Saturday the ninth we find out about transfers!

Also, President Brown goes home on Friday!

Hope all is well! Take care!

Elder Logan NeVille

The Countdown has started! 6 Weeks Left...

June 20, 2016

Hey good morning! My week was alright.  We had zone conference on Tuesday and there was 17 missionaries that are going home in August and July that were there so we had only 2 minutes to bear our testimonies!  It felt weird always seeing missionaries going home doing that. I always thought what would I say when I got to that point and it was strange doing that I can't believe I'm almost done! I only have 6 weeks left!

We don't have too much stuff planned just cleaning and laundry that's about it for today. We have some appointments lined up on Thursday and Wednesday and a meeting on Thursday as well.  I was thinking of bearing my testimony next Sunday but my companion has already bore his testimony and I don't want the ward to think the missionaries are to overbearing it will be my last fast Sunday! Lol

I can't believe I've read the Book of Mormon 17 times while on my mission especially when I was home I had only read it one and a half times! It really has strengthened my testimony and I have a better understanding of it than I did back home!

Elder NeVille

Friday, June 17, 2016

It's OFFICIAL He Is Coming Home August 2nd...

June 13, 2016

Hi there!  How are you all doing?  I am doing good!  Today we are going to get a car wash and clean out our car as we have to get it cleaned today because we have vehicle inspections tomorrow during zone conference!

I forgot to tell you but Porter finished his mission today he is flying home today! He said he will see me soon I thought I'd just tell you!

It's official! I am going home August 2nd and my homecoming talk will be August 14th!  I will be arriving at the airport on August 2nd at 11:46am!

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder NeVille

Friday, June 10, 2016

I'm going home August 2nd!

The Anson Family
They were in my old ward from a year ago.  Awesome family!
June 6, 2016

Hi so I only have 8 weeks left!  If all goes well then I go home August 2nd! I can't wait to go home it is insane that I am almost done as it feels like I just started!

So missionaries who are going home give departing testimonies at zone conference and mission conference and so this is going to be my last zone conference so I will be giving my departing testimony! That is crazy! My week was good! lol

We have service and a few appointments lined up for this week and after that we don't really have too much going on.  We have zone meeting on Thursday and zone conference next week where I will be
bearing my testimony!

Well take care! Love you!

Elder NeVille

Staying in Longmont and a visit w/ Grandparents...

May 31, 2016

Hi!  Sorry I didn't write yesterday my day was kind of busy and I have more time to write today!

I got to eat with with grandma and grandpa yesterday.  It was nice and we ate at a place called Chuburger and it was really good!

I can't believe I'm almost done!  Also, I found out on Saturday that my companion and I will be staying with each other for another six weeks! I feel like this transfer will also fly by!

This week we have three service appointments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and a couple of appointments this week!

Well take care!  Hope all is well!  Love you!


Service and Village Inn...

May 23, 2016

Hi and good morning!   My week was all right haha almost getting in a fight with a man made my week lol it's a good mission story for sure!

We went to Village Inn on Friday because some members took us out to eat there and we will be going on Wednesday for free pie! Haha!

We did a lot of service this week.  We had a couple of appointments but mostly we did a lot of
service! We have a lot of service again this week and as we will be doing some tomorrow and Wednesday.

So I am planning on going to BYU Idaho after my two years at Mesa Community College. I'm not in a hurry to get married haha!

Hope you all have a good week! Love you!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Only 11 more weeks...

May 16, 2016

Hey there! My week was good as we were really busy!  We did a lot of service!

This week we are exchanging with other missionaries.

I can't believe I have 11 weeks left!

The weather today is 47 and it's pouring! Lol yesterday it was 50 and raining! I actually wish it was kind of warm!

So my companion and I went to Taco Bell with another set of missionaries today and this Hispanic guy and his friend walked up to us saying "what's up bro?".  So we said hey how's it going and he asked if we want to go as in do you want to fight and we said no we are good. He then said, "why were you staring at me acting like you are all big and tough?" and we said that we weren't and he said that he will kick our butts. Also, saying he ain't afraid to fight us well he looked like he was a part of some gang because one he had friend that followed him, he tattoos and he acted like he was a part of some gang. So I thought it was funny because he was in a tank top and had no muscle to show So he left and was waiting in his car for like 15 minutes for us to get out of Taco Bell so we just
waited and eventually they left! lol Anyways, it was a very interesting day!

Elder NeVille

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother's Day...Last Skype tell he comes home!

Skype with the family!

Hey haha I don't think I'm allergic anymore I'm pretty sure I would of broken out about now if it's that close to me. 

May 9, 2016

Hey!  It was really nice talking to you guys! Thank you! I'm in the Longmont zone I'm on the border of Longmont and Lyons so yes I'm in Lyons but it's a small town it's like 15 minutes from Longmont!

This week we have service tomorrow, and I'm visiting that lady who I talked about who made me booties and says I'm blessed all the time. Ha ha she is awesome! Also, we have an appointment on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday and possibly service on Friday and Saturday!

The weather is nice it's like in the 60s and 70s last week it was in the 30s for a few days and it even snowed!

So after I got done talking with you guys I was thinking what I wanted to do for my career and it's going to be a lot of school but I was thinking of going for my PH.D. And try to go for Clinical Psychologly.  So 8 years of school but I think it would a good career for me, I was going to try clinical social worker and I need a masters so I thought I might as well try to go for a couple more years!  So that's what I was thinking and go to Mesa Community for my associates then go to BYU Idaho for my bachelors and I'm not sure where to go after that because BYU is only a four year program so I'm hoping to keep it cheap!

That is crazy I can't believe Ammon will be in High school!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Having patience...

May 2, 2016

Hi!  My week was alright my shoulder was in a lot of pain as I slept on it and it was very stiff the next day and couldn't really lift anything.  It still hurts a little bit but it is doing better!

We found another investigator and he is a nice guy, he is a little bit Autistic but can function more than most!

I'm excited I get to Skype with you guys this Sunday! We get out of church around like 12 so I'm planning around 12ish!

We have a couple of appointments on Saturday and Sunday!

I had some missionaries come up to me saying I must have a lot of patience because of my companion but he isn't my hardest!

Also, I just talked to my mission President and he said I will most likely be going home Aug 2nd!

Well take care love you and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!


More Investigators and a nice surprise text...

April 25, 2016

Hey there!  My week was okay!  My companion is nice! I love the Brague family!  We are staying with them now and they are awesome!  We will be moving in a couple weeks to live with some other members in the ward.  Not sure who yet.

We had a lesson this morning at 10:30am but she isn't interested as she needed help with rent and saw
that we were missionaries and asked if we can help but doesn't want to convert! But we found 4 new investigators! Two of them were are giving them the lesson this morning!

I can't believe I'm almost done!  I only have two more transfers left! I skype with you guys in two
weeks! Love you!

Elder NeVille

Elder NeVille's new companion‏ and letter from the Brague Family!

Saying Goodbye... 

New Companion... 

Brague Family and Companion...

April 19, 2016

Hello NeVille family,

Today your son had transfers and he received a new companion, Elder Genther from Cache Valley Utah. I meant to email you when he first arrived at our home several weeks ago and was companions with Elder Stanford and neglected to do so....I am so sorry. Your son has been great to have in our home. We have had several sets of missionaries live with us since the first of the year and your son and his last companion were really fun. I know Elder NeVille is going to miss Elder Stanford but we are glad your son got to remain with us. He is very easy going and quick to smile and laugh and we know he will work hard with Elder Genther. My sons have especially enjoyed getting to know your son. I am enclosing the departing photo of your son and Elder Stanford and then another photo with his new companion below. The next photo is of our family with Elder Stanford ( your son was the photographer ) we need to get one with him! We hope this note finds your family to be well. We will take good care of your son.


The Brague Family
Stephen, Shannon, Joshua and James

Transfer week...I'm staying but my companion is leaving!

District pic!

My comp hates country music! I like it so I didn't get my picture
taken with it haha!

Really big chair in Lyons Colorado!

This was taken with our bishop before my companion left!

Pic with ward mission leader and his son!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Elder Stanford's story of the Scary Spider...

April 11, 2016

Hello sister NeVille!  How are you doing? I am companions with your son and just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say how much I enjoy it. He is a great guy, we do lots of work and have lots of fun together.

One funny moment came just a couple days ago when we were on our way to dinner. So I am sure you know this about him but a more recent discovery of mine was just how scared he is of spiders. Well what happened was there was a little tiny thing that I saw crawling up onto the shoulder of his seat and so I pointed it out I said "hey bro there is a spider on your seat," thinking he would flick it off and we would go on our merry way. NOPE! That is not what happened, instead he screamed, threw off his seat belt and backed himself up against the windshield to look and see if I was telling the truth or just messing with him. Well when he saw there really was a spider he dove out of the car! It was pretty intense I'm not going to lie. I was laughing the whole time haha but it gets better! After that he didn't want to get back in the car so he ran the rest of the way to our dinner
appointment while I drove along side him. Haha Face with tears of joy I thought it was hilarious and that I should share...

Hope you have a good day!

-Elder Stanford

Hope is putting faith to work...

April 11, 2016

My week was alright we did a lot of service on Friday and Saturday! We asked this lady to get baptized on May 14th and she said she will think about it and she will pray! We are going to Estes Park today and not quite sure what's going on for the rest of the week.

We find out about transfers Saturday night!

Billie, the girl I baptized, I'm not sure as far as I know she is still active. I haven't had contact with them!

Well hope you all have a good week!


Angels round about you...

April 4, 2016

Sorry this email is a little short but we just got back from Hiking Horsetooth mountain!  It was a 10 mile hike!

My week was pretty good conference was really good all the talks were great!

We have a couple of appointments this week and exchanging with elders in my district!

The weather today was in the low 70s so really nice!

Whenever I'm struggling or going through a hard time I like reading this scripture - (D&C 88:84) And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.


Happy Easter...

March 28, 2016

Just got done playing basketball!  It's been a pretty fast transfer normally there are 6 weeks in a transfer but this transfer is 7 weeks and we are on week 5!

It's crazy I can't believe it is almost April in about a month I will get to be on Skype again with you guys and then after that the next time I will see you will be when I get home that's crazy!

It's crazy as my shoulder feels good no pain for now!

Easter was good as we ate with our bishop and his family! Hope you all had a happy Easter!

I hope grandpa feels better I will keep him in my prayers!


Logan (Elder NeVille)

Miracles still happen everyday...

March 21, 2016

My week was alright yesterday was my 19th month mark!  We have some appointments lined up for tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday after that not much.  This transfer has been going by pretty quick! We might go paint balling on Friday and we are helping out a member on Friday with some service and he said he will get out his paint ball guns so that sounds like it will be fun! My ward is alright, and yes the ward is pretty good at making sure we are getting fed!

So I've been doing my shoulder exercises since you sent me the rubber bands and my shoulder feels worse I didn't feel my shoulder pop out or anything but it feels like the same exact pain that I had when I tore my shoulder the first time i don't really have any range of motion! I hope I didn't tear anything but if I did I either did it in my sleep or during my exercises do you think I should go to the
doctor? I mean I think I can handle this for another 5 months I was just wondering on what you think I should do?

---------We (mom and dad) did a fast and several prayers-------------

March 24, 2016

Hey sorry I didn't respond yesterday we were in a blizzard and it knocked out the power it just got turned on and it was off the whole day! I didn't make an appointment to see the doctor as I think I am alright for now as my shoulder doesn't hurt at all!

--------------Miracles still happen everyday---------------

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sunday Talk...

My new companion and I

Lol my companion took a picture of me as I was speaking haha!

My companion and I were trying to save miles so we decided to walk 14
miles today and in the process got burnt!

My talk

March 14, 2016

Hey morning! I think my talk went good and I was burnt so I was able to throw that in my talk and got some laughs. lol My week was okay we knocked on a random door and some guy opened his door and he let us walk in his house and as we were about to leave he told me and my companion if he could he would adopt us haha!This week we have service on Saturday an appointment on Saturday and we have some appointments tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday and we have a zone conference on Thursday so it's kind of a busy week! So my companion and I fasted two weeks in a row! On Thursday we visited this active member who was going through a hard time and asked if we could fast with her yesterday so we did haha it was so hard!

Also my shoulder the last couple of days was in a lot of pain like I was having a hard time carrying half a gallon of milk and my range of motion isn't that good.

Love you!


When the Bishop Calls...

March 7, 2016

Hi there!  I'm doing good my companion is really nice and we get along pretty well so far! Transfer was good it was only like a 40 minute drive! We are teaching an old lady tomorrow, teaching a guy named Nick on Wednesday and he is a hippie, then we are teaching a lady named Sarah on
Thursday and she believes everything we say but doesn't like our music and says it's not entertaining! We aren't sure what's going on Friday or Saturday.  But I'm speaking in Church on Sunday!  I'm talking about gathering in temples and they said I only have to talk for 5 minutes!


Transferring to Longmont, CO...

#truth #CelebsQuotingProphets

February 29, 2016

I'm getting transferred and going back to Longmont! My companion is really cool and I'm excited!   I've heard great things about him! I transfer sometime tomorrow.  I hope be at the same place and  it's a different ward.

My week was good nothing exciting really happened but I'm excited to leave! I didn't feel like burning a suit for my 18 month mark! Take care love you!