Saturday, January 31, 2015

Only He can see...

I like this quote it's so true! He really does have a plan for us! 
I don't think I would want to throw it back either! So Hunter, the 14 year old girl, isn't getting baptized soon.  We had dinner at her house and we brought it up and she said that she was working stuff out with the Bishop so it sounds like she has to wait.  It was cool though we had dinner with her family and they had a non member there. He is interested to learn more so we taught him the 1st lesson but his mom is Southern Baptist and won't let him go to our Church and he lives in down town Longmont so he is out of our ward boundaries but it was still neat though! Tonight we are meeting with this girl named Kendra and she apparently was taught by missionaries before but it's been awhile and apparently she was going to be baptized but it sounded like she flaked but that was a long time ago. So anyways we are teaching her all over again and see what happens from there. 
I love you guys too and you guys are always in my prayers as well!
Elder NeVille

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Five Months...

This is a pic at Estes park it's so pretty & it's one of the most picked places that people get married at!

Hi! It's still pretty slow. We have 2 new investigators (well kind of) they were taught the lessons before but it's been about 6 months since they have been taught. One of them we met yesterday and  our ward mission leader asked us if we wanted to meet a nonmember and we said sure.  So we ended up leaving Church with our ward mission leader because the nonmembers car broke down and needed a ride to work and she was friends with our ward mission leaders son so we picked her up and asked if she would like to take the lessons again and she said yes so we will be teaching her sometime! The other investigator was also taught the lessons and was suppose to get baptized but something happened and we called her and asked if we could meet with her at the old bishops house because she is friends with his daughters so we will see how it goes. Kendra, the one who is friends with the old bishops daughters, we will be teaching her on the 26th and we already scheduled that but other than that we haven't had much luck.  We have an appointment with a less active on Friday and he is from England and has the accent it was cool to hear it! Lol

I want to see American Sniper so bad it looks really good and they play the preview a lot at the Rec center! That is awesome that Nathan got to go to a banquet! That is awesome that Ammon got to get his pic with the ASU coach! I heard the Suns are doing good this year! It's been pretty warm lately as it's been like 55 and 65 degrees for the last 3 days.  It is so nice I hated the 20 degree weather everyday! Lol 

Tomorrow will be my 5 month mark and at 6 months it's a tradition for missionaries to burn a tie and then at your year mark you are suppose to burn a shirt! It's crazy that I have already been out for 5 months it goes by pretty quick!

Love you and hope you guys are doing great!

Elder NeVille

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mission Conference with Elder Bednar…

That is an awesome quote! I really like it!

It’s going okay up here it’s been in the teens and 20s so yeah pretty cold! I love the rain right now it’s just cloudy and it’s supposed to snow today and tomorrow! The rec center is awesome we work out every day but Sunday! We do service for the rec center as we are doing inventory for them in the shed. Every Wednesday we go across the street from the rec center and go to the senior lunch and wait for them to finish and clean tables and mop the floor then after that we play games with them!

Friday was awesome! We had a mission conference and Elder Bednar spoke to us and that was so cool! He didn't have a message prepared for us but instead it was like a question and answering thing between us and him and it was about what did you learn from his previous talks one was called ask in faith, seek learning by faith, and converted unto the Lord and he would ask what we learned from this so it was like a discussion and it was cool! He also told us when we say are prayers don't pray for objects like don't say "thankful that we all made it to Church today and please bless those who didn't make it that they will come to Church next week" he said don't say that because it’s like your relying on someone else to get them to Church and that we need to act upon it! So that was awesome being able to hear him speak to us. He is very funny!

So yesterday we visited this guy who has not been to Church for over 30 years and he asked us a question that really got my companion thinking saying why is that we eat ham on Easter and Christmas when we are focusing on the birth of Christ and his death because Christ was a Jew? Jews I guess don't eat meat so my companion and I didn't know how to answer that question really tough question to answer!

Hope you guys are doing great! Love you!

Elder NeVille

New Mission Office Address for the Colorado Fort Collins Mission…

Me and Elder Blue we went on exchanges!

The mission office is moving and the address is Colorado Fort Collins Mission, 500 Hillspire Dr.Windsor, Colorado 80550. the mission office is moving so this is the new mission office address so if you can tell everyone that my address is changing I'd appreciate it!

Arizona can’t be as bad as Colorado it’s been in single digits last week it got up to -18 at night we were in the house by then but during the day it was -13 it sucked! Haha! I don’t really like this weather I will never move here it can be miserable! (Hmmm so AZ isn’t so bad after all)
I kind of wish we served two wards because then we would be more busy in Longmont! This whole area is not that great! We found out that my companion and I are both staying in Longmont, as transfers are tomorrow.  This will be my 4th transfer on the mission and I have about 13 more transfers left! I just hope this area begins to pick up because it’s so slow.  We hang out with other missionaries because the whole Longmont area is slow and there is nothing to do here. We are working out tomorrow at the rec center and will be doing service for them even though it’s not in my area it gives us something to do!

We get to meet Elder Bednar on Friday (January 9th) that will be very exciting I can’t wait to see him!

We have been trying to find stuff to do so we have been going through the ward list to shovel people’s driveways because of the snow. My birthday was okay spent most of the day shoveling snow! I can’t believe I' am 21 to its crazy!  Love you guys!

Elder NeVille