Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Mission Office Address for the Colorado Fort Collins Mission…

Me and Elder Blue we went on exchanges!

The mission office is moving and the address is Colorado Fort Collins Mission, 500 Hillspire Dr.Windsor, Colorado 80550. the mission office is moving so this is the new mission office address so if you can tell everyone that my address is changing I'd appreciate it!

Arizona can’t be as bad as Colorado it’s been in single digits last week it got up to -18 at night we were in the house by then but during the day it was -13 it sucked! Haha! I don’t really like this weather I will never move here it can be miserable! (Hmmm so AZ isn’t so bad after all)
I kind of wish we served two wards because then we would be more busy in Longmont! This whole area is not that great! We found out that my companion and I are both staying in Longmont, as transfers are tomorrow.  This will be my 4th transfer on the mission and I have about 13 more transfers left! I just hope this area begins to pick up because it’s so slow.  We hang out with other missionaries because the whole Longmont area is slow and there is nothing to do here. We are working out tomorrow at the rec center and will be doing service for them even though it’s not in my area it gives us something to do!

We get to meet Elder Bednar on Friday (January 9th) that will be very exciting I can’t wait to see him!

We have been trying to find stuff to do so we have been going through the ward list to shovel people’s driveways because of the snow. My birthday was okay spent most of the day shoveling snow! I can’t believe I' am 21 to its crazy!  Love you guys!

Elder NeVille

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