Saturday, January 31, 2015

Only He can see...

I like this quote it's so true! He really does have a plan for us! 
I don't think I would want to throw it back either! So Hunter, the 14 year old girl, isn't getting baptized soon.  We had dinner at her house and we brought it up and she said that she was working stuff out with the Bishop so it sounds like she has to wait.  It was cool though we had dinner with her family and they had a non member there. He is interested to learn more so we taught him the 1st lesson but his mom is Southern Baptist and won't let him go to our Church and he lives in down town Longmont so he is out of our ward boundaries but it was still neat though! Tonight we are meeting with this girl named Kendra and she apparently was taught by missionaries before but it's been awhile and apparently she was going to be baptized but it sounded like she flaked but that was a long time ago. So anyways we are teaching her all over again and see what happens from there. 
I love you guys too and you guys are always in my prayers as well!
Elder NeVille

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