Friday, May 20, 2016

Only 11 more weeks...

May 16, 2016

Hey there! My week was good as we were really busy!  We did a lot of service!

This week we are exchanging with other missionaries.

I can't believe I have 11 weeks left!

The weather today is 47 and it's pouring! Lol yesterday it was 50 and raining! I actually wish it was kind of warm!

So my companion and I went to Taco Bell with another set of missionaries today and this Hispanic guy and his friend walked up to us saying "what's up bro?".  So we said hey how's it going and he asked if we want to go as in do you want to fight and we said no we are good. He then said, "why were you staring at me acting like you are all big and tough?" and we said that we weren't and he said that he will kick our butts. Also, saying he ain't afraid to fight us well he looked like he was a part of some gang because one he had friend that followed him, he tattoos and he acted like he was a part of some gang. So I thought it was funny because he was in a tank top and had no muscle to show So he left and was waiting in his car for like 15 minutes for us to get out of Taco Bell so we just
waited and eventually they left! lol Anyways, it was a very interesting day!

Elder NeVille

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother's Day...Last Skype tell he comes home!

Skype with the family!

Hey haha I don't think I'm allergic anymore I'm pretty sure I would of broken out about now if it's that close to me. 

May 9, 2016

Hey!  It was really nice talking to you guys! Thank you! I'm in the Longmont zone I'm on the border of Longmont and Lyons so yes I'm in Lyons but it's a small town it's like 15 minutes from Longmont!

This week we have service tomorrow, and I'm visiting that lady who I talked about who made me booties and says I'm blessed all the time. Ha ha she is awesome! Also, we have an appointment on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday and possibly service on Friday and Saturday!

The weather is nice it's like in the 60s and 70s last week it was in the 30s for a few days and it even snowed!

So after I got done talking with you guys I was thinking what I wanted to do for my career and it's going to be a lot of school but I was thinking of going for my PH.D. And try to go for Clinical Psychologly.  So 8 years of school but I think it would a good career for me, I was going to try clinical social worker and I need a masters so I thought I might as well try to go for a couple more years!  So that's what I was thinking and go to Mesa Community for my associates then go to BYU Idaho for my bachelors and I'm not sure where to go after that because BYU is only a four year program so I'm hoping to keep it cheap!

That is crazy I can't believe Ammon will be in High school!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Having patience...

May 2, 2016

Hi!  My week was alright my shoulder was in a lot of pain as I slept on it and it was very stiff the next day and couldn't really lift anything.  It still hurts a little bit but it is doing better!

We found another investigator and he is a nice guy, he is a little bit Autistic but can function more than most!

I'm excited I get to Skype with you guys this Sunday! We get out of church around like 12 so I'm planning around 12ish!

We have a couple of appointments on Saturday and Sunday!

I had some missionaries come up to me saying I must have a lot of patience because of my companion but he isn't my hardest!

Also, I just talked to my mission President and he said I will most likely be going home Aug 2nd!

Well take care love you and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!


More Investigators and a nice surprise text...

April 25, 2016

Hey there!  My week was okay!  My companion is nice! I love the Brague family!  We are staying with them now and they are awesome!  We will be moving in a couple weeks to live with some other members in the ward.  Not sure who yet.

We had a lesson this morning at 10:30am but she isn't interested as she needed help with rent and saw
that we were missionaries and asked if we can help but doesn't want to convert! But we found 4 new investigators! Two of them were are giving them the lesson this morning!

I can't believe I'm almost done!  I only have two more transfers left! I skype with you guys in two
weeks! Love you!

Elder NeVille

Elder NeVille's new companion‏ and letter from the Brague Family!

Saying Goodbye... 

New Companion... 

Brague Family and Companion...

April 19, 2016

Hello NeVille family,

Today your son had transfers and he received a new companion, Elder Genther from Cache Valley Utah. I meant to email you when he first arrived at our home several weeks ago and was companions with Elder Stanford and neglected to do so....I am so sorry. Your son has been great to have in our home. We have had several sets of missionaries live with us since the first of the year and your son and his last companion were really fun. I know Elder NeVille is going to miss Elder Stanford but we are glad your son got to remain with us. He is very easy going and quick to smile and laugh and we know he will work hard with Elder Genther. My sons have especially enjoyed getting to know your son. I am enclosing the departing photo of your son and Elder Stanford and then another photo with his new companion below. The next photo is of our family with Elder Stanford ( your son was the photographer ) we need to get one with him! We hope this note finds your family to be well. We will take good care of your son.


The Brague Family
Stephen, Shannon, Joshua and James

Transfer week...I'm staying but my companion is leaving!

District pic!

My comp hates country music! I like it so I didn't get my picture
taken with it haha!

Really big chair in Lyons Colorado!

This was taken with our bishop before my companion left!

Pic with ward mission leader and his son!