Friday, May 6, 2016

Elder NeVille's new companion‏ and letter from the Brague Family!

Saying Goodbye... 

New Companion... 

Brague Family and Companion...

April 19, 2016

Hello NeVille family,

Today your son had transfers and he received a new companion, Elder Genther from Cache Valley Utah. I meant to email you when he first arrived at our home several weeks ago and was companions with Elder Stanford and neglected to do so....I am so sorry. Your son has been great to have in our home. We have had several sets of missionaries live with us since the first of the year and your son and his last companion were really fun. I know Elder NeVille is going to miss Elder Stanford but we are glad your son got to remain with us. He is very easy going and quick to smile and laugh and we know he will work hard with Elder Genther. My sons have especially enjoyed getting to know your son. I am enclosing the departing photo of your son and Elder Stanford and then another photo with his new companion below. The next photo is of our family with Elder Stanford ( your son was the photographer ) we need to get one with him! We hope this note finds your family to be well. We will take good care of your son.


The Brague Family
Stephen, Shannon, Joshua and James

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