Friday, May 20, 2016

Only 11 more weeks...

May 16, 2016

Hey there! My week was good as we were really busy!  We did a lot of service!

This week we are exchanging with other missionaries.

I can't believe I have 11 weeks left!

The weather today is 47 and it's pouring! Lol yesterday it was 50 and raining! I actually wish it was kind of warm!

So my companion and I went to Taco Bell with another set of missionaries today and this Hispanic guy and his friend walked up to us saying "what's up bro?".  So we said hey how's it going and he asked if we want to go as in do you want to fight and we said no we are good. He then said, "why were you staring at me acting like you are all big and tough?" and we said that we weren't and he said that he will kick our butts. Also, saying he ain't afraid to fight us well he looked like he was a part of some gang because one he had friend that followed him, he tattoos and he acted like he was a part of some gang. So I thought it was funny because he was in a tank top and had no muscle to show So he left and was waiting in his car for like 15 minutes for us to get out of Taco Bell so we just
waited and eventually they left! lol Anyways, it was a very interesting day!

Elder NeVille

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