Monday, September 22, 2014

It's "P" Day!

This week has been probably the best and most spiritual week I have had so far in the mission! So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with other missionaries until that afternoon like around 3pm and so I was staying at another members house for Monday night.  The next day (Tuesday morning) I didn't eat any breakfast and I was starving!  But I didn't think it was right to eat their food and we weren't staying there very long so I just decided to fast for the day. After dinner on Tuesday night, my companion and I were walking to visit people that were referred to us by members in our ward and they weren't members. So my companion and I were walking and a guy in a SUV pulls up to us and my companion said its okay we don't need a ride its not that far. Well the man in the SUV said no I want to talk to you guys so we got in the SUV and he wanted to know more about our Church! So we currently have 1 investigator as of right now but he is a Vietnam Vet and has a lot of stories to tell us so we haven't had that much opportunities to talk to him because he does most of the talking, he is a very nice guy! A member in our ward gave him a Book of Mormon and so he has been trying to work with him as well and this guy is very interested to know more. We visited him on Wednesday and he talked to us for 2 hours, his name is Jack Lesmeister!  I have been praying to Heavenly Father to help us find someone to teach or wanting to know more, and he really does answer our prayers!

Yesterday, was crazy too! This lady called us to ask us to give her a blessing she has really bad anxiety. She is too scared to drive and its been about a year and a half since she has driven. We were going to give her a blessing and my companion asked her for her full name and she only gave us her first and last name and she didn't want to say her middle name because she hated it and wanted to change it to Khehani (a Hawaiian name I guess)  but she ended up telling us her middle name and we gave her the blessing. :)

Yes mom, I am staying healthy and yes I'm taking my vitamins. LOL  I haven't taken anymore pics but I will and send them to you. I love you and miss you guys!

Elder Logan NeVille

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Monday...

Mission President and his wife with Logan

Hi! I am doing good, no investigators yet!  But maybe soon though as we had dinner with members from the ward and they gave us a referral to talk to someone and they said they might be interested!  We go tracting but not as much as I thought I would.  My companion said it's not really effective so we have been working with members to find investigators.  My companion also said that he had baptisms in his last area and he always has no luck finding investigators when knocking on doors.  Plus the Mission President recommends doing that last as he wants us to work with members first.  Yesterday, we had an interesting conversation with an old man walking back home, my companion and I got pretty upset.  He asked us if we were Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses and we said that we were Mormon and he kept saying move along and said that Joseph Smith is an (bad word) and then said that he only believes in the one book not 3 (talking about Pearl of Great Price, D&C, and the Book of Mormon).  He was irritating and he honestly kept shoo-wing us away, like I don't know it's hard to not argue with people about stuff like this especially with someone like that so we just kept on walking! Anyways, the weather up here is nice like 70s and 80s except on Friday it was in the low 40s.  It actually snowed but it was at night and it wasn't a lot but it was so nice!  The shopping up here is good!  The members we stay with go grocery shopping and let us heat up like microwaveables so I haven't cooked yet but they are really nice and we haven't had to spend too much money yet!  The foods good here too as yesterday we had Elk, mostly we are fed meat it seems lately, we also went to the Golden Corral, which a family took us to.  We also had Chinese food for lunch and the place is called Bamboo Express it's like Panda Express but you can get the same amount of food for only $5 and it's better!  Thank you for sending the consecrated oil.  I had the chance to be able to use it yesterday because a lady at the retirement home was sick and we bring the sacrament to her but I had left the oil at the house!  So we are going to visit her tomorrow!  I'm good for now, you don't have to send me anything right now.  I miss you guys and I loved going to Village Inn! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Logan is now in Loveland, Colorado

 Logan at the library in Loveland, Colorado
Logan's companion and his old trainer on the left
"this is my companion, he is 18 and he has been out for 6 months!"

Colorado is so beautiful! I love this weather! My companion is huge like muscle wise he is 6'3! We are in a bike area and I'm serving in Loveland, Colorado. I guess we did have a car but someone wrecked it so we had to give up ours.  But I am glad because the bike and walking is going to keep me in shape. LOL  My companion doesn't like to ride his bike so we walk a lot instead. Someone actually left their bike at the stake center and they said that I could take it.  So all I had to buy was a helmet!

The other day was kind of cool as we walked for two hours and knocked on houses.  At one of the houses a car pulled up and a lady gets out of her car and asked us if we could say a prayer with her because she was struggling and was leaving to Salt Lake.  So we did! She is not a member and just saw us walking and asked us to pray for her! 

So far it's been nice here.  We haven't found any investigators yet.  I got to meet Quentin Cook, from the Quorum of the Twelve on Saturday!  He spoke to us!  I didn't get a picture but I did shake his hand!

We had a ride to the Stake center and we decided to just eat lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and there was about 50 missionaries there! The picture below is Weston's cousin! Elder Blackburn said that he lifted weights with Nathan.

Quentin Cook basically talked about mission stuff and he told us to always believe Polynesian dreams because they actually come true! LOL He was saying that he was serving in that area and this Polynesian kid got his mission call and waited to open it and his mom said I already know where you are going, she said you're going to the United States. Then the dad cuts in and says no he is not, I had a dream as well and I saw a Japanese man, he said he is going to japan. So the kid then opens up his call and he was called to Washington DC but his mission President was Japanese so they were both right it was crazy! 
My companion and I are doing great! We almost got hit walking across the road on Friday and we had the right of way but the guy turned into us as we were walking anyways good thing we stopped or we could've gotten hit. The guy seemed to care more about his turn than our lives!   (he shouldn't tell me these things)

So Mondays are our P- Days. We do laundry and we get to email at the library for 2 hours. We basically can do pretty much anything except watch TV, but we have free time till 6 pm and on regular days we just study, visit those who are less active in the Church, visit the ward mission leader, and eat at families houses.  We haven't been able to do too much tracking, which is knocking on peoples doors,  but we've been pretty busy though.  Yesterday, we gave the sacrament to people who couldn't attend church it was only 2 people but still pretty neat!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Last day at the MTC...

Logan and his District

It has been better at the MTC! I got to do a priesthood blessing for the first time! Some of the people in my district were leaving today so we all got to do one and I never gave one before. The sister I gave it to said she really thought I did a great job! The Spirit was definitely there with me! I lost 2 pounds the whole two weeks I've been here as the food here just isn't as great, so I'm not able to eat that much. Yes, I've been eating I was surprised as I was 165 when I got here and I'm 163 even with the food you sent me!  But one of the Elders who I bunk with gained 9 pounds in one week it was crazy! He is the kid who we saw his name in the booklet that I signed also at Pomeroy's. He is from Joseph City and he is a great guy.  He will be a great missionary! I love my district, they really feel like family.  It's crazy that I leave tomorrow I cant wait! Yesterday I got called up to talk about repentance in Church and I didn't have anything written down and I just talked about it and it actually went really well!  Well everyone said they enjoyed it!  There is still a possibility I could be speaking a different language on my mission. In Greeley, Colorado if I get transferred to that area, it's a Spanish speaking mission in some parts of Greeley so I could be speaking Spanish. My teacher said he served in Colorado and he said even if you are called to speak English you could end up learning a different language in some part of your mission area, so I hope that happens, I think it would be awesome!  I'm so excited I leave tomorrow early morning, my plane leaves at like 8:30 am, they said I will be able to call you at the airport! I was told they said it was ok while I'm waiting for my flight, I got a calling card so I will call you guys at maybe 6 or 7 depending on what time I get there. I also heard that I might have to buy an IPAD for my mission which I keep after, Idk that's what I heard and I'm going to get a nice camera to so I can send you guys pictures, I hate asking for money but I might need it. If I need to buy an IPAD or a bike, Idk if I will need to yet I'll let you know more about it! Thank you for sending me the packages my roommates loved it! I hope you guys are doing well! Love you!
Elder NeVille

Logan and his district from Facebook - LDS Missionaries