Monday, September 8, 2014

Logan is now in Loveland, Colorado

 Logan at the library in Loveland, Colorado
Logan's companion and his old trainer on the left
"this is my companion, he is 18 and he has been out for 6 months!"

Colorado is so beautiful! I love this weather! My companion is huge like muscle wise he is 6'3! We are in a bike area and I'm serving in Loveland, Colorado. I guess we did have a car but someone wrecked it so we had to give up ours.  But I am glad because the bike and walking is going to keep me in shape. LOL  My companion doesn't like to ride his bike so we walk a lot instead. Someone actually left their bike at the stake center and they said that I could take it.  So all I had to buy was a helmet!

The other day was kind of cool as we walked for two hours and knocked on houses.  At one of the houses a car pulled up and a lady gets out of her car and asked us if we could say a prayer with her because she was struggling and was leaving to Salt Lake.  So we did! She is not a member and just saw us walking and asked us to pray for her! 

So far it's been nice here.  We haven't found any investigators yet.  I got to meet Quentin Cook, from the Quorum of the Twelve on Saturday!  He spoke to us!  I didn't get a picture but I did shake his hand!

We had a ride to the Stake center and we decided to just eat lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and there was about 50 missionaries there! The picture below is Weston's cousin! Elder Blackburn said that he lifted weights with Nathan.

Quentin Cook basically talked about mission stuff and he told us to always believe Polynesian dreams because they actually come true! LOL He was saying that he was serving in that area and this Polynesian kid got his mission call and waited to open it and his mom said I already know where you are going, she said you're going to the United States. Then the dad cuts in and says no he is not, I had a dream as well and I saw a Japanese man, he said he is going to japan. So the kid then opens up his call and he was called to Washington DC but his mission President was Japanese so they were both right it was crazy! 
My companion and I are doing great! We almost got hit walking across the road on Friday and we had the right of way but the guy turned into us as we were walking anyways good thing we stopped or we could've gotten hit. The guy seemed to care more about his turn than our lives!   (he shouldn't tell me these things)

So Mondays are our P- Days. We do laundry and we get to email at the library for 2 hours. We basically can do pretty much anything except watch TV, but we have free time till 6 pm and on regular days we just study, visit those who are less active in the Church, visit the ward mission leader, and eat at families houses.  We haven't been able to do too much tracking, which is knocking on peoples doors,  but we've been pretty busy though.  Yesterday, we gave the sacrament to people who couldn't attend church it was only 2 people but still pretty neat!

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