Monday, September 22, 2014

It's "P" Day!

This week has been probably the best and most spiritual week I have had so far in the mission! So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with other missionaries until that afternoon like around 3pm and so I was staying at another members house for Monday night.  The next day (Tuesday morning) I didn't eat any breakfast and I was starving!  But I didn't think it was right to eat their food and we weren't staying there very long so I just decided to fast for the day. After dinner on Tuesday night, my companion and I were walking to visit people that were referred to us by members in our ward and they weren't members. So my companion and I were walking and a guy in a SUV pulls up to us and my companion said its okay we don't need a ride its not that far. Well the man in the SUV said no I want to talk to you guys so we got in the SUV and he wanted to know more about our Church! So we currently have 1 investigator as of right now but he is a Vietnam Vet and has a lot of stories to tell us so we haven't had that much opportunities to talk to him because he does most of the talking, he is a very nice guy! A member in our ward gave him a Book of Mormon and so he has been trying to work with him as well and this guy is very interested to know more. We visited him on Wednesday and he talked to us for 2 hours, his name is Jack Lesmeister!  I have been praying to Heavenly Father to help us find someone to teach or wanting to know more, and he really does answer our prayers!

Yesterday, was crazy too! This lady called us to ask us to give her a blessing she has really bad anxiety. She is too scared to drive and its been about a year and a half since she has driven. We were going to give her a blessing and my companion asked her for her full name and she only gave us her first and last name and she didn't want to say her middle name because she hated it and wanted to change it to Khehani (a Hawaiian name I guess)  but she ended up telling us her middle name and we gave her the blessing. :)

Yes mom, I am staying healthy and yes I'm taking my vitamins. LOL  I haven't taken anymore pics but I will and send them to you. I love you and miss you guys!

Elder Logan NeVille

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