Monday, September 1, 2014

Last day at the MTC...

Logan and his District

It has been better at the MTC! I got to do a priesthood blessing for the first time! Some of the people in my district were leaving today so we all got to do one and I never gave one before. The sister I gave it to said she really thought I did a great job! The Spirit was definitely there with me! I lost 2 pounds the whole two weeks I've been here as the food here just isn't as great, so I'm not able to eat that much. Yes, I've been eating I was surprised as I was 165 when I got here and I'm 163 even with the food you sent me!  But one of the Elders who I bunk with gained 9 pounds in one week it was crazy! He is the kid who we saw his name in the booklet that I signed also at Pomeroy's. He is from Joseph City and he is a great guy.  He will be a great missionary! I love my district, they really feel like family.  It's crazy that I leave tomorrow I cant wait! Yesterday I got called up to talk about repentance in Church and I didn't have anything written down and I just talked about it and it actually went really well!  Well everyone said they enjoyed it!  There is still a possibility I could be speaking a different language on my mission. In Greeley, Colorado if I get transferred to that area, it's a Spanish speaking mission in some parts of Greeley so I could be speaking Spanish. My teacher said he served in Colorado and he said even if you are called to speak English you could end up learning a different language in some part of your mission area, so I hope that happens, I think it would be awesome!  I'm so excited I leave tomorrow early morning, my plane leaves at like 8:30 am, they said I will be able to call you at the airport! I was told they said it was ok while I'm waiting for my flight, I got a calling card so I will call you guys at maybe 6 or 7 depending on what time I get there. I also heard that I might have to buy an IPAD for my mission which I keep after, Idk that's what I heard and I'm going to get a nice camera to so I can send you guys pictures, I hate asking for money but I might need it. If I need to buy an IPAD or a bike, Idk if I will need to yet I'll let you know more about it! Thank you for sending me the packages my roommates loved it! I hope you guys are doing well! Love you!
Elder NeVille

Logan and his district from Facebook - LDS Missionaries

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