Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We got mail! Whoo hoo!

How cute is that?!

So it's been a week since we said goodbye to Logan.  We have been checking the mail every day hoping to hear from him.  I found out that the missionaries at the MTC (Mission Training Center) have different "P" days (Preparation Days).  Preparation day (or P Day as it is often referred to) is a missionary’s once a week chance to do big shopping trips, play sports, do laundry and write letters home to family and friends.  Preparation day is the one day a week in which Mormon missionaries get a break from their usual proselytizing labors.  It is called preparation day because it is designed to help missionaries prepare physically for the week ahead.  So Logan's "P" day is today and we were able to message back and forth!

Here are his responses:

Today is my P day! I was so happy that Byron picked me up! I love it up here the weather is nice! I leave on Tuesday to Colorado Sept 2nd! I miss you guys as well these last few days were really hard I've been having a rough time lately. Yesterday was the most incredible experience for me since I've been here I never felt the spirit so strong in my entire life! This sister missionary who's in my district asked for a blessing at random during study time, her name is Sister Steimle. Elder Pitt, who is also in my district, gave the blessing, he never did it before but when he said the blessing I knew it was the spirit directing him.  It was a great blessing! After the blessing, Sister Steimle told us she was having a rough time yesterday because it was the one year anniversary of her best friend who died in a car accident. Well after she said that I told her that I knew what she was going through and told her the story about Christopher Brewer.  It was so hard listening to her speak about her best friend. She was so thankful that I shared that with her, I could really feel the spirit. I do love it up here even though I'm struggling I'm trying my best to have a better attitude. I also want to say thank you for the package.  I wrote all of you guys yesterday that book you got me is so helpful! I'm very thankful and thank you for pushing me to go on a mission
I love you guys!

Elder NeVille 

*****So after receiving that I instantly wrote back hoping I didn't miss him... (I was starting to have a panic attack at my desk)
 His response:

I've been struggling with teaching the gospel to investigators and I'm trying so hard and everyday I feel that I get better and better each day. Yesterday, was great and I shared the story to dad just now. Its another long story but I have been doing better! This is so hard and some of these investigators don't give you the option to speak to them about the gospel its just so hard!

His message to Dad:

Hey Dad that's awesome! Today is my P day! I've been struggling a lot this past week. Yesterday, my companion, Elder Shenk, and I were getting ready to teach an investigator. Elder Shenk said lets teach him the plan of salvation and I said okay lets do that and we both didn't know too much about it when we got there. But when we spoke to Paul (the investigator) it was like I couldn't stop talking about it and I knew it was the spirit guiding me and helping me relax. I've been asking the Lord  for help every night that I will teach with the spirit  and to have a better knowledge of the gospel and the Lord answered my prayers! I got to go,  thank you for the package and tell grandma and grandpa thank you as well.  If you guys want to write to me you can, I can write everyday if I have enough time but I do get the mail everyday.
I love you!

Elder NeVille   

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