Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Monday...

Mission President and his wife with Logan

Hi! I am doing good, no investigators yet!  But maybe soon though as we had dinner with members from the ward and they gave us a referral to talk to someone and they said they might be interested!  We go tracting but not as much as I thought I would.  My companion said it's not really effective so we have been working with members to find investigators.  My companion also said that he had baptisms in his last area and he always has no luck finding investigators when knocking on doors.  Plus the Mission President recommends doing that last as he wants us to work with members first.  Yesterday, we had an interesting conversation with an old man walking back home, my companion and I got pretty upset.  He asked us if we were Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses and we said that we were Mormon and he kept saying move along and said that Joseph Smith is an (bad word) and then said that he only believes in the one book not 3 (talking about Pearl of Great Price, D&C, and the Book of Mormon).  He was irritating and he honestly kept shoo-wing us away, like I don't know it's hard to not argue with people about stuff like this especially with someone like that so we just kept on walking! Anyways, the weather up here is nice like 70s and 80s except on Friday it was in the low 40s.  It actually snowed but it was at night and it wasn't a lot but it was so nice!  The shopping up here is good!  The members we stay with go grocery shopping and let us heat up like microwaveables so I haven't cooked yet but they are really nice and we haven't had to spend too much money yet!  The foods good here too as yesterday we had Elk, mostly we are fed meat it seems lately, we also went to the Golden Corral, which a family took us to.  We also had Chinese food for lunch and the place is called Bamboo Express it's like Panda Express but you can get the same amount of food for only $5 and it's better!  Thank you for sending the consecrated oil.  I had the chance to be able to use it yesterday because a lady at the retirement home was sick and we bring the sacrament to her but I had left the oil at the house!  So we are going to visit her tomorrow!  I'm good for now, you don't have to send me anything right now.  I miss you guys and I loved going to Village Inn! :)

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