Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Found a Snake! Hissssssss...

Happy Monday!  We found a snake on Thursday on the way to dinner, it bit my companion but it had no teeth!  I have only seen two snakes so far. I fell off my bike 3 times this week as I was riding my bike over the train tracks and I flipped off of it.  The train was starting to come but they saw me and were able to stop.  My tire got stuck in the gap and it wasn't fun as I had to pay $165 because my chain broke and the front part of my bike was bent so I had to get that fixed and now my bike has a hole in it so I have to buy a mesh kit sometime and fix it, I don't really like this bike! I also fell off yesterday going to dinner it was raining so hard my grip on my bike came off and I fell off again so this was kind of a tough week. Yeah, I hate this bike to be honest as the bike seat is a little high and won’t go down.  My companion said I probably need a kid’s bike! LOL And yes biking sucks but then it’s kind of nice because it keeps me in shape!  I am writing to you guys this early (6am) because we have to help someone move today at 10am and we don't know how long that will take so I am using the member’s computer. 

This week has been just a service week as we had about 16-20 hours of service and they said we are only suppose to do 4 but our members and this other ward needed our help a lot. The Vietnam vet is going okay I guess, he doesn't really let us talk that much so my companion and I made a goal to teach him a lesson sometime this week and just take control of the conversation! :) We were talking to a member at church and he said we should start teaching a lady he knows the lessons, we are going to ask bishop first because last time the missionaries taught her she said yes to being baptized and never was. She only said yes so people can take her to places so she was using the Church. Well last week has been interesting and hard hopefully this week will be better!

Here's a pic taken yesterday. I need a haircut and have an appointment tomorrow with a person in our ward. It'll be my first haircut since I've been on my mission. Lol ✂️

Love you and miss you guys!
Elder NeVille 

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