Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teaching by the Spirit...

So my picture I'm kind of squinting as the flash was on. :)
Today is supposed to be pretty busy as it is transfer day.  I am still staying in Loveland for at least another six weeks.  My companion and I didn’t go to Church yesterday because my companion tweaked his leg from wrestling with another missionary and wasn’t able to walk!
On Tuesday we did service for that lady that I was telling you about last week.  She moved and is not in our area anymore so we referred her to the other missionaries that are in her area. 
Thursday was an awesome day! We had our last district meeting for this transfer and the district leader asked if I could do the training!  It was my first training and it went great!  The training I gave was about how to be in tune with the Spirit and to teach people with the Spirit and not by memorizing the lessons.  The training had to be at least 15 minutes long and mine went on for 30 minutes!  After the district meeting (which was about an hour later) I received a text from the district leader and he said that I did an awesome job and that Elder Carter just demonstrated on how to listen to the Spirit and to pay attention to investigators and not to be thinking of what to say but to listen to them.  Anyways, my training helped this Elder and district leader find an investigator and they said that the investigator wanted to take more discussions!  Elder Carter has been out as long as me and its crazy how much of an impact my training was for him!  So I guess I am kind of changing people’s lives even though they aren’t in my area it is so awesome!
Love you guys!
Elder Logan NeVille

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