Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Map? No GPS?

Hi sorry I don't have any photos but I'll try to take some pics this week. I got a haircut from a lady in our ward and she did an awesome job cutting my hair! This week was hard but good at the same time...
On Thursday my companion and I went on exchanges in the afternoon and he wanted me to visit people and I didn't really know how to get there as I didn't have a gps so me and my district leaders companion were companions for the day and we ended up getting lost. We were walking and this lady comes up to me and asked if we could do service for her tomorrow morning. She is not a member and I was just surprised that this lady found us, so she could possibly be an investigator! She told us that she prayed that someone would help her and next thing we were walking on the sidewalk in her neighborhood. The Lord put me there for a reason so I wonder if she would like to start taking the lessons. After talking to her we ended up finding the houses my companion wanted me to visit and it went ok.  I'm not really great at reading maps but I didn't have that many problems. 
Some people are really rude! I just got done telling Ammon that on Friday we got called "stupid Mormons" and a lot of people say "hail Satan" a lot to us.  Its crazy I know that my faith has definitely increased since I have been out serving a mission!
Yesterday was awesome as well this random person called us and asked if she could have a Book of Mormon and she isn't in our ward or anything so we might have 3 investigators! Jack our investigator wasn't feeling that great we went to his house on Friday, his wife was really sick and had nurses at his house so this was not a good week for him so we said we will call him this week if there is a day that we can visit. 
I haven't had any accidents yet and I haven't seen anymore snakes lately. LOL Thank you for the packages it will make biking easier with a backpack. I hate biking but it keeps me in shape I feel like I can eat whatever I want and not gain anything I weigh 163 still so its nice that keeps me in shape I don't want to be in a car! I think I'm going to need a new bike to be honest I'm using our members bike because my bike has a hole in the tire still haven't been able to go to the store last week because my companion and I did service last "P" day from 10am to 5pm. 
General Conference was good I fell asleep on a few talks, they did something new though they made a few speakers speak in their native tongue which I thought was pretty neat! On Saturday, the first session we watched at the Church, then we watched it at our members house. Sunday we watched Conference at a less active members house and watched all sessions there.
Today, I believe we are going to go shopping as we already did laundry, and then I think we are going to the stake center to play basketball or soccer.
My shoulders are good so far, I just worry when I go down hill that I will fall off and land on my shoulders. One of the Elders, 6 months ago, was in Cheyenne in the winter and fell off his bike the roads are suppose to be icy and I just hope I don't transfer to there and Laramie Wyoming as well.  I hope all is well and thankful for everything you guys do for me! Love you!
Elder NeVille

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