Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two month mark!

Today is my two month mark! I can't believe that I've already been out for two months! :)  Today we are going to play basketball then go to dinner right after with our favorite family they love us over there. This week has been good nothing crazy really happened this week, I will most likely stay in Loveland for one more transfer my companion said that your first area is normally three transfers! I do have the same companion! The people we are staying with are really nice its the same members they have been housing missionaries for awhile now! I haven't seen any more mean people lately! The bike is great and I actually didn't take it to the bike shop I put it together with a little help from my companion  and its a lot better than the bike I had before so thank you so much I love it! I haven't had any accidents yet! It isn't that cold here yet as Friday was like in the low 40s and today is in the high 70s. 
Last week we helped someone move, we helped another person with their yard racking leaves and crab apples,  and helped out at a store called Habitat that is like a Good Will! We also helped a lady move her furniture!  No new investigators yet but we do have a few potentials we are going to try to visit.  The people we did service for last week weren't members and they said they will let us give them a message but we don't know their address yet.  We will get it from a member tonight who we are having dinner with. 
Last Monday night, two of the missionaries who are companions were fighting and just weren't getting a long so my companion and I went on exchanges with them (to help separate them for awhile) and one of the Elders that I was with was telling me how he has been struggling and how he hasn't felt the Spirit for a long time.  Well we were at dinner with members from his ward so he shared the message and it was about the importance of reading your scriptures and praying and I shared my experience after he shared the message and why it's important.  After we left the Elder came up to me and told me that that was awesome and it had been so long that he had felt the Spirit but that he felt it when we shared that message and it just made me so emotional as Heavenly Father answered his prayers and mine and we left dinner feeling the Spirit it was a great feeling!
Elder NeVille

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