Friday, April 15, 2016

Elder Stanford's story of the Scary Spider...

April 11, 2016

Hello sister NeVille!  How are you doing? I am companions with your son and just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say how much I enjoy it. He is a great guy, we do lots of work and have lots of fun together.

One funny moment came just a couple days ago when we were on our way to dinner. So I am sure you know this about him but a more recent discovery of mine was just how scared he is of spiders. Well what happened was there was a little tiny thing that I saw crawling up onto the shoulder of his seat and so I pointed it out I said "hey bro there is a spider on your seat," thinking he would flick it off and we would go on our merry way. NOPE! That is not what happened, instead he screamed, threw off his seat belt and backed himself up against the windshield to look and see if I was telling the truth or just messing with him. Well when he saw there really was a spider he dove out of the car! It was pretty intense I'm not going to lie. I was laughing the whole time haha but it gets better! After that he didn't want to get back in the car so he ran the rest of the way to our dinner
appointment while I drove along side him. Haha Face with tears of joy I thought it was hilarious and that I should share...

Hope you have a good day!

-Elder Stanford

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