Friday, April 15, 2016

Miracles still happen everyday...

March 21, 2016

My week was alright yesterday was my 19th month mark!  We have some appointments lined up for tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday after that not much.  This transfer has been going by pretty quick! We might go paint balling on Friday and we are helping out a member on Friday with some service and he said he will get out his paint ball guns so that sounds like it will be fun! My ward is alright, and yes the ward is pretty good at making sure we are getting fed!

So I've been doing my shoulder exercises since you sent me the rubber bands and my shoulder feels worse I didn't feel my shoulder pop out or anything but it feels like the same exact pain that I had when I tore my shoulder the first time i don't really have any range of motion! I hope I didn't tear anything but if I did I either did it in my sleep or during my exercises do you think I should go to the
doctor? I mean I think I can handle this for another 5 months I was just wondering on what you think I should do?

---------We (mom and dad) did a fast and several prayers-------------

March 24, 2016

Hey sorry I didn't respond yesterday we were in a blizzard and it knocked out the power it just got turned on and it was off the whole day! I didn't make an appointment to see the doctor as I think I am alright for now as my shoulder doesn't hurt at all!

--------------Miracles still happen everyday---------------

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