Friday, March 18, 2016

Sunday Talk...

My new companion and I

Lol my companion took a picture of me as I was speaking haha!

My companion and I were trying to save miles so we decided to walk 14
miles today and in the process got burnt!

My talk

March 14, 2016

Hey morning! I think my talk went good and I was burnt so I was able to throw that in my talk and got some laughs. lol My week was okay we knocked on a random door and some guy opened his door and he let us walk in his house and as we were about to leave he told me and my companion if he could he would adopt us haha!This week we have service on Saturday an appointment on Saturday and we have some appointments tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday and we have a zone conference on Thursday so it's kind of a busy week! So my companion and I fasted two weeks in a row! On Thursday we visited this active member who was going through a hard time and asked if we could fast with her yesterday so we did haha it was so hard!

Also my shoulder the last couple of days was in a lot of pain like I was having a hard time carrying half a gallon of milk and my range of motion isn't that good.

Love you!


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