Friday, December 19, 2014

A week before Christmas...

I hope you all are doing great!  I'm enjoying Longmont and my companion is awesome!  He is 25 and will be 27 when he goes home! The family that we are staying with are super nice and their kid can talk a lot! lol  He would talk to us from 8pm to 11 pm but they are a very nice family. I was sick last week and it sucked and then my companion got sick.  Wednesday when I was sick we still got work done went over to the rec center and they had us help out next door with the seniors and helped clean up the tables and then we played games with them which was lot of fun. 
Hunter is a 14 year old girl and is ready to be baptized.  She reminds me a lot about you, mom!  We had dinner at her house because as of right now she is living with her aunt and uncle.  I guess when she was little her parents killed themselves.  Her aunt and uncle are members of our ward.  We have about five more nonmembers who have been attending our Church for awhile, which is awesome!  This one guy his name is Matt Guiterez and he has been attending our ward for two years but is not a member but his wife is.  So we are going to try and visit him on Sunday and if he wants to get baptized I could have the possibility of dunking him in the baptismal font! lol 
This area has been tough especially with all the suicides.  One of the teens was LDS and we went to the funeral.  It was so sad as his brothers and sisters talked and I lost it especially when his dad got up there. 
I heard Nate and Ammon both were hurt and I hope they feel better and I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!  Love you guys!
Elder NeVille

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