Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snowing already?! Yikes!

This is a pic of a member’s car in our ward.  They have a Jeep and an Audi.  It’s a nice car but my companion and I are still on bikes.

This week went good. We visited Jack (Vietnam Vet) again and it went better.  We were at his house for 3 hours! We were able to share a quick message with him but not a whole lesson as we are suppose to.  My companion read out of the book, Preach My Gospel, to him and just read a little section about how the gospel blesses families. I was upset because after my companion finished reading it and told him what it was talking about Jack somehow went onto another topic talking about how we all sin.   I thought now I can talk about the atonement with him but I didn't because he talks so much he doesn’t give you a break to let you cut in, it’s a talent and I left mad because I didn't get to share anything with him so we are not sure what we are going to do its really frustrating! Jacks a nice guy but just doesn't let you talk! Other than that though my week was great!  Apparently this is my last week of being trained and that since it’s my last week I become the senior companion so basically we get to do what I want to do like basically I'm training him so that should be neat!  I also heard that we might be getting our iPads this week!

 Here's a pic of the Church program from a couple of weeks ago when I had to talk. :)

It’s snowing right now in Loveland. It’s 28 degrees and it doesn’t feel that cold outside and I guess on Wednesday the high is suppose to be 16 degrees and the low is suppose to be 3 so that day will be freezing!  So it looks like I'm getting my beanie at the right time! lol

My companion and I have been arguing because I keep telling him the Eagles are better than the Panthers! He is a Panthers fan so we’re looking forward to hearing who wins! Lol Well I hope you guys are staying safe I keep you guys in my prayers! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad I hope you guys have a fun trip! Love you!

Elder NeVille

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