Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sledding, Backflips, and a Scheduled Baptism!

 This is the Jones Family...

I can't backflip it's so hard I don't know how people can do it!

This is me attempting to do another backflip except this one was painful!

We went sledding it was so fun! It's snowing hard today!

February 1, 2016

So the 10 year old girl who is getting baptized asked me today in Church if I would baptize her! I'm so nervous and really excited can't believe I will be baptizing her! I'm excited I can't wait she is getting baptized Feburary 13! I will definitely make sure to get pics of it! It was awesome the girl asking me to baptize her made my week and I wasn't expecting that! This week we don't have to much going on, the girl is getting interviewed on Sunday but that's all we got going on we might watch the Super Bowl on Sunday if we have time I hope we do! Lol

Elder Logan NeVille

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