Monday, February 1, 2016

Speeding = No More Driving Privileges...

January 25, 2016

Hey there!  My week was kind of hard! Transfers were good and my companion is awesome! So the Tiwis sucks as after two days I already lost my driving privileges already because I had 10 speeding violations in two days but Tiwi was being weird I didn't have 10 speeding violations it was just off as my companion even said I shouldn't have 10 speeding violations.  It was just not working but I can't prove it! I will get privileges again next transfer!

It's not snowing here right now!

We aren't sure if we will be teaching the 10 year old the 4th lesson and 5th lesson and she is scheduled to be baptized February 13!

I saw the part of the Cardinals game and was super disappointed.  Expected more from the Cardinals and we visited a potential investigator and we saw the last 2 minutes of the Broncos game it was such a good game! We might have a place to watch the Super Bowl! I hope I will be able to watch the game.

Elder NeVille

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