Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yummy! Eggs and oatmeal for breakfast AND dinner...

Kimball, Nebraska is not too bad we have a new investigator and he went to Church! So my patience has grown a lot especially with this ward as no one really tries to feed us.  My companion and I average about 2 to 3 dinners a week! I'm not complaining it happens, my companion and I have been living off eggs and oatmeal hoping for it to last us till the end of the month. It's hard not getting any dinners in this area and I think the reason that is because I'm in Kimball and this is the Sydney ward and so since Kimball is so small we go to the Sydney ward and since we aren't the Sydney Elders no one feels obligated to really feed us so it stinks but I'll live! It's so windy here haha it snowed a couple weeks ago ugh I hate this weather haha! 
Well I hope you are doing good love you!
Elder NeVille
 *******We received a call Friday night from Brother Ahlstrom, who was Logan's mission leader in   Longmont, and he said that he was in Queen Creek and wanted to drop off Logan's journal and a letter to us from him.  It was such a nice surprise and so thoughtful of him to bring this to us!

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