Sunday, May 31, 2015

iPads and Tornadoes... Oh my!

May 18, 2015
My week was pretty good, we were busy for the most part! My plans for this week is that my companion and I are going to be doing service from Tuesday thru  Thursday and then Friday we have a mission conference in Fort Collins so we have a long drive ahead of us on that day and we have to be there a little before 9am so we have to be up early on that day! The mission conference is going to be a training on the IPad! I do not want one because I don't want to pay for one especially since we wont be able to play angry birds on it lol! I hope its not required for us to get one because I don't want to have to pay for it!
Saturday my companion and I have an appointment with Sister Lonsdale and her son, her husband is not a member. The mom is less active and my old companion and I were teaching her son about Jesus Christ because he started asking questions to his mom who Jesus Christ was so we have been teaching her son who is six years old. Ever since we have taught them they have been going to church a lot lately so they are becoming active so yes we have no investigators but we are bringing people back to church and that is pretty important!
That is awesome that Erik is coming down, I'm bummed that I'm missing Nate's and Erin's graduation! I was close to the Tornadoes but the tornadoes didn't hit us but it did damage to Torrington Wyoming! It destroyed their power lines and some houses were destroyed as well!
Lol no more drunk drivers almost hitting us just that one time! Thank you for the package I wish I got it sooner so then I wouldn't have paid for food lol but I'm well on food now thanks and thank you for my DMV record! I can't believe I have almost been out for a year its crazy it has gone by quick! Love you and miss you guys so much!
Elder NeVille

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