Sunday, June 28, 2015

Transferring to Casper, Wyoming!

June 22. 2015

Hey so me and my companion and I are both getting transferred he is going to Cheyenne, Wyoming and I am going to Casper, Wyoming!  Which is like 4 hours away from Kimball,Nebraska! I'm so happy that I' am leaving and getting a new companion! My new companion was actually one of the people I was hoping to be companions with and his name is Elder Olsen and I served in his district when I was in Loveland.  He helped me out a lot so I'm excited and can't wait to be his companion and I leave tomorrow! So it was a little better on Saturday as we helped these members who live an hour and a half from us who are in our ward move out of their house and one of the bishopric members was their and lets just say my companion got his butt chewed by him! But anyways, I mean Kimball was a tough area to serve in and not a whole lot to do but I was talking to this less active who said that she is going to miss me and my companion and sad that we are leaving because we brought her and her son back to church and got her to quit smoking.  So I mean I had some success here but not a whole lot! I also talked to this lady who we are actually having dinner with tonight, she told me when I bore my testimony talking about my decision to serve a mission, she told me that her eighteen year old son is now thinking about serving a mission all because I bore my testimony on fast Sunday!   So hopefully he will still want to go!  I think that this transfer will put me in a better mood that I have been lately.  So I'm excited and I'm doing better!  Hope you guys are doing great love you!

Elder NeVille 

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