Monday, August 17, 2015

Love Casper, Wyoming!

My Companion
June 28, 2015

Hey! I love it here in Casper, Wyoming! It is amazing! I would not mind living here! My companion is so cool and not a stickler like my last companion! My companion is going home in 9 weeks it's crazy so it's most likely that we will be companions until he goes home! The members are a lot better in Casper and one of the members in my ward owns Little Caesars so missionaries get free Little Caesars! So don't worry about me not getting fed! So we share a car so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we get a car so my companion and I have done a lot of walking! We also have gym memberships and only have to pay $4 month so it's nice and it's at the YMCA! So we started on Friday and I ran 5 miles on that day and it was fun! We don't need anything I might be getting a bike for free we will see! My place is awesome we literally live in a Shack and it's in a alley near a liquor store so it's a little sketchy but I like it! I haven't took too many pics yet I will send you one with me and my companion soon! So I got an email from this person in Kimball, Nebraska and she is less active and me and my companion got her to come back to Church! We also taught her 6 year old son and she told me that I really impacted her son and she said that she told him that we both left and he said that he wasn't going to back to Church because we left so I had some success in Kimball but we really effected that little boy! We'll take care love you!

Elder NeVille

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