Monday, August 17, 2015

Missionary UFC Fight Club...

July 13, 2015

Hi there! My week was pretty good for the most part! Yesterday my companion and I were both walking and and we talked to these crazy people I mean they were insane but really cool! One of them is an ex member and got excommunicated and  he drinks and smokes a lot and he told my companion and I that he would drive us (as he was drinking a bunch of alcohol in front of us) but saying that he doesn't drink and drive but he will drive us to get to our appointment! LOL So that was pretty interesting he is a very nice guy and he said that he will go to Church this Sunday but we will see! So on Saturday my companion and some other missionaries went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a UFC fight and so that was fun!  We saw some pretty crazy fights and now my whole district wants to have a missionary UFC fight club! LOL  It sounds like that would be so fun! LOL  My companion and I are getting along great and he ended up talking me into buying protein powder because we work out everyday at the Y.  So  that is fun and right now I'm loving Casper and the missionaries that I am serving with!  Well hope all is well love you!

Elder NeVille  

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