Monday, August 17, 2015

The Line Drive...

July 6, 2015

Hi and good morning!  So my whole district and me got fades and lines going through our hair we call ourselves line drive lol! My week was okay! My Fourth of July was pretty good as we went to a members house to watch fireworks and we were there tell like 11pm or 1130pm!  The dad of the family told us a lot of stories so we got home pretty late lol! It was such a fun night they already like me they told me that they want their son to talk to me because he is struggling and I would talk to them trying to help them with their problems and hopefully they will be more active in the Church! So pretty much my whole mission has been working with less actives and part member families and that's what the ward wants us to focus on! We had interviews with our mission President and that's never fun I always get nervous talking to him because he has really bad anger management! The Y is awesome as my companion and I are focusing on getting big so I might stop running just so I don't lose muscle! This week we don't have much we have 2 appointments with some less actives but that's about it! I'm thankful that I have a good companion it's been a really fun transfer with him and it's gone by fast since we became companions! I hope you guys are doing great one more month and I will be out for a year we'll take care love you!

Elder NeVille

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