Thursday, November 12, 2015

Logan's First Baptism!!!!!

November 9, 2015

Hey good morning! It was so awesome to be apart of the baptism! My first baptism that is crazy! Also we set someone else up with a baptism date and they are getting baptized on December 12th!  I will definitely be gone by then because transfers are December 8th.  So so far I will have three baptisms and might be getting 4 more! So after the baptism on Saturday this guy saw us driving and rolled down his window and asked if we could follow him and give his son a blessing.  He is a member but his wife isn't she was excommunicated when she was 19 but she is 30 now and wants to get baptized! Then these three kids that I was teaching before moved back into our ward and the mom wants them to take the lessons again! So four more baptism I could possibly have that will be 7 that is crazy! The baptism turned out great a lot of people showed up! After she was baptized she gave my companion and I a hug and said thank you for helping me get here! She is awesome and she definitely made a big change! So my week was pretty good!  We have to push one of the baptisms back to December 5th because they didn't go to Church yesterday! We have about 3 appointments with our investigators! I can't believe this will be my last Thanksgiving on the mission! This is crazy as my companion's birthday is on November 13th,which is your anniversary! Lol Well take care love you hope you guys are doing great!


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