Friday, December 11, 2015

Staying or Leaving...

November 30, 2015

Hey good morning! I saw that the Eagles got destroyed by the Lions that is so sad! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? It's crazy in about as in 26 days I get to Skype with you guys! So my companion let me drive in the snow for the first time it wasn't to bad! It's been pretty cold here yesterday the high was like 15! It got to single digits yesterday and it's a lot worse when it's windy outside! My Thanksgiving was pretty good we had dinner at a really cool families house! I don't have any pics sorry! I did go Black Friday shopping but didn't really see anything that I really wanted! Casper is good I'm ready to leave though I've been here for awhile! It has snowed and it snowed on Thanksgiving and Wednesday then it snowed on Saturday and a little bit yesterday it has been so cold! I actually went for a run on Saturday.  It was my first time running in the snow and it was a very cold run! Yes, it's transfer week and it's most likely that I will be leaving because I have been here longer than my companion but we were together for awhile so he could be leaving too. All I know is one of us is for sure leaving! We have a couple of appointments this week and we are going to a place called Jump Craze with other Elders.  It's like just like Jump Street! Nothing too exciting is happening this week though we just find out on Saturday if we are staying or leaving! So I still plan on going home on July 26th but idk if President will allow it now so as of right now I'm scheduled to go home August 23rd because they are pushing the day I'm suppose to go home another week! We'll take care love

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