Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving...

November 23, 2015

Hey that's awesome I'm glad that you guys were able to go to Elder Blue's talk! Yes, I told him to let you guys know that I kind of stopped writing just because I felt like everything was slowing my mission down because in my journal I was counting the days! Also, I don't know if you knew but Elder Blue in his talk used the intro of Till I Collapse from Eminem in his talk! Haha  He did that for his farewell talk as well as he used Lose Yourself! He said that the bishop called him out for using the song in his talk! He is a great guy I'm really glad I got to meet him and he is really funny! Lol I showed him dad and Jeremy's video of the whip nae nae and he thought it was hilarious! My week was pretty good it snowed on Friday! This week my companion and I for Thanksgiving are going to the Panthers for dinner and they are awesome! My companion and I might also do some Black Friday shopping! Love you!

Elder Logan NeVille

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