Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Great Spirit to Our Home...

We (mom & dad) received a nice text and this awesome picture! -- "We were grateful to have Elder NeVille in our home tonight. He left a great message about how he chose to serve a mission.  I'm glad my boys were able to hear his testimony.  He brought a great spirit to our home. Love, Bishop Briggs and Family."
So Thursday we had Zone Conference in Loveland so after Zone Conference we visited the member that house us and talked to him for a little bit. After that we visited the Mansel family and their eight year old kid was so happy to see me. I told him that I played in the NFL and he was so super interested to know more about it and his mom told me that she had no idea he was into football until I told him about this. (he knows I was kidding) Anyways, I talked to him on Thursday and he told me he starts football in August and before I told him about me playing in the NFL he didn't seem interested to play football so I might have gotten him into it! Ha ha!  Love you!
Elder NeVille

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