Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Blazin Challenge...

The Blazin Challenge was hard! They changed the sauce to make it hotter as it used to be just blazin sauce but they changed it to blazin ghost pepper!  It was hot! So before I did it the workers told me that the sauce is hotter but it taste better than it did before, Alex the member I live with told me that he just did the regular blazin and it had no taste.  This had taste and even though it was hot I did like the taste of it. So I had 6 minutes to eat 12 wings poured in blazin ghost pepper sauce and if I completed the challenge I would get a free t-shirt saying Blazin Challenge Survivor and my picture would get taken and they would show it on the wall! So I did the challenge and I completed it in 5 minutes and 30 seconds so I did it and it was not easy  but I got a free shirt! I couldn't believe I did it! I was actually making good time I was at like 3 and a half minutes when I got to just 2 wings left but my mouth was full so I had to stop a little bit to get it down my throat. I had a pretty fun bathroom experience the next morning haha!

My week was pretty good!  My companion and I didn't have a dinner on Saturday and ended up going out to eat and one of the workers came up to us asking if we are Mormons and she asked about the Church. So we asked if she would be interested in learning more and she said yes! So we gave her our number and it was awesome!

It's kind of getting warmer here it's in the 40s to 50s. So that is nice haha! I kind of miss the heat but at the same time I kind of don't! Spring break doesn't start here till the 19th! I'm jealous I want to go on another cruise it's always so much fun! I can't believe that Ammon and Brendan are both reffing and I can't believe they didn't get any complaints! Ha ha!Oh my gosh I totally forgot that the Theater was opening in the spring of this year that is awesome! It will be nice not having to drive 20 minutes every time you want to go and I didn't know Dairy Queen was even coming to Queen Creek that is awesome! Take care! Love you!

Elder NeVille

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