Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Only 10 More Months To Go...

                                                            Best District Ever!
September 21, 2015

Hi there how are you doing? It's crazy I only have 10 months left can't believe it! It has gone by so fast! So my week was alright we visited the Bailey's last night.  They are a really nice family and their friend Freddie stopped by and he is also in the ward.  He has been through a lot lately and his wife left him after being married to him for 16 years!  It was hard to hear and I was actually in tears.I kind of blame me and my companion because she called us the day that she was moving out and we didn't know what was going on she just said she needed help moving stuff out of her house! So we helped her move out and come to find out last night we heard what happened kind of hurt me because he didn't know she was just leaving like that she just left without saying anything. I have had dinner at their house a couple of times and they never fought he even told me that he and her don't get in arguments that much! He treated her nice and left him with nothing! I can't believe we were kind of apart of all this it's horrible! So this is my week how have you been? Anything new happen? I'm not sure what my plans are this week but we are visiting the Baileys tonight again they really like us and she is going through a rough time as well as she is getting a divorce because her husband actually beats her so she had enough of it! It hasn't snowed yet and it's actually been pretty nice!  It's been in the 70s and I hope I don't stay in Wyoming in the winter because people say they get nasty winters! lol I could barely stand being in Colorado during the winter! haha  Well I hope you all are well. Love you!


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