Friday, October 23, 2015

Leaving or Staying in Casper...

October 19, 2015

Hi my week was good! On Saturday, we went over to a part members family house and watched a little bit of college football! We had interviews on Thursday with our mission President best interview I have ever had with him! I told him about the two baptisms I have coming up and that it will be my first ones! He told me that he will try to keep me in Casper so I can go to the baptisms! So Terri Derby is doing good she has been to church twice and she loves it and is still scheduled for November 7th and the other investigator was sick and didn't go to church but is still scheduled for November 28th! We visited the guy who's wife left and he is still struggling he has 3 daughters and two of them stayed with him and apparently the wife is trying to bribe the youngest daughter to live with her! That family is just falling apart and the husband just is trying to support his two kids! So the person who sent this the pic is the part member family and her name is Sister Dillion and a crazy thing I found out that Haley Edwards served in that ward! She served in the South Dakota mission and she served in Casper in her first area but the mission change in May and now is in the Fort Collins mission! This Saturday we find out if we are leaving or if we are staying! 
So I don't know if I will go home 3 weeks early yet or not just found out that if i do President might make me pay for my plane ticket so I'll see probably talk to him when I have like 4 months left! Well take care and love you!


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