Monday, October 26, 2015

Staying In Casper, Wyoming...

October 26, 2015

Hey there good morning! I'm so excited I get to witness my first two baptisms! I might get to baptize the one on November 28th because as of right now she hasn't said who she wanted to baptize her! Elder Norton and I are both staying here in Casper.  We have been companions for 3 transfers! So by the end of this transfer we will be together for 4 and a half months! So I will be here for Thanksgiving and we might already have a family already willing to feed us! My week was pretty good nothing too exciting happened but next week I will have my first baptism! The families that we visited are doing alright haha my companion got pranked on by some members that just moved up to Casper it was funny because they called him and he didn't know who they were and they just kept messing with him for an hour and finally told them their names! We visited them on Friday and they are really cool! Lol So one of my best friends in the mission is Elder Blue and he is coming up to Casper and he iMessaged me saying we are going to have fun! He said that he is going to my homecoming talk when I go home and I might give him some stuff to take home to you guys because he lives in Arizona and he offered!  I don't have any new pics I'll try to get some this week! It is crazy how much Queen Creek has grown! I'm looking forward to Buffalo Wild Wings! We actually went there this past week as some members took us there!  I bought a bike for $80 from another missionary so I took money out of my personal card I might sell it to another missionary who is being trained.  We will see!  Well take care love you!

Elder Logan NeVille

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