Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's tradition to burn a tie on the sixth month mark...

Haha no more walking on ice ponds or lakes!

Hi! I had a pretty good week! Saturday we had a baptism for this girl who just turned 8 and Elder Butler and I were asked to talk about the plan of salvation to everyone while her and her dad were getting changed back into their normal clothes. We also were witnesses and we also got to be in the circle as the dad was confirming her a member of the Church so that was cool! I never got to do that before! Saturday night I called one of the seniors from the senior center and asked if we could visit her at her house and she said yes! So we will see if she is interested in taking the discussions as she is not a member.  We are meeting with her Tuesday afternoon! The lessons are going great!  The baptism one we kind of struggled because we weren't use to teaching the plan of salvation to everyone but we got the point across even though it was different.

The area has picked up a lot and I mean a lot the first three months I was here when I was with Elder Duda felt like I had served my full two years it just went by really slow.  But now that it has picked up it's already almost the end of the first week of this transfer!  My new companion is a great guy! I feel like we really mesh together when we teach so that is nice! I have yet to not like one of my companions as so far I have gotten along with all of them!

So today we aren't sure but we are planning on hanging out with other Elders and tomorrow we are helping the other Elders with a move at ten in the morning and then going to an appointment at 1pm. Wednesday we are going to talk to Aaron at the rec center and see what other service that there is that needs to be done and then a member in our ward is picking us up to meet Sierra B.  Her parents are going to let her get baptized for her 16th birthday and we are going to ask her is she would like the lessons again. Thursday we are helping our Bishop's neighbors move, then after that we have Zone meeting and then dinner. Friday we are helping another member in the ward move, then we have dinner.  Then Saturday we have another baptism for a girl who turned 8 at 10 am and then we are going to try to visit with the Jarvis's Saturday night after dinner.

The members we live with their son wants to do the Buffalo Wild Wings challenge with me.  Buffalo Wild Wings have this challenge where you get 12 wings with the hottest sauce on them and you have to eat them in 6 minutes if you complete it you get half off on the wings and a free t-shirt saying you completed the blazin challenge. It's suppose to be hard and it will be interesting so we will probably try this next week haha I'm excited!

I still have been running 7 miles I have been doing it every other day though  then I lift weights on the days I don't run! I have lost 10 pounds since I have been in this area I weigh 155!

Hope you guys had a better week. I love you mom! Nate told me that you still are applying for jobs sorry to hear that. I have been praying for you and tomorrow I will fast for you until dinner hope you find some luck landing another job love you mom!

Elder NeVille

***** (Logan's Mom) I actually received a job offer yesterday which was the day after Logan did his fast for me. So grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and my family! 

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